Wednesday, 7 November 2007

You spin me right round...

Well, Santa came early for me today, as I picked up a special item from India - no photo's yet, its recovering from its journey in the bedroom. I have given it a try , but will need more peace and time to do it properly !
I have to say I would have been tempted to steal Indias' cats away as they are GORGEOUS, Isis kept coming over to lick me - I think that meant I was okay! And on the subject of animals - as I was driving up to Paisley this afternoon, a wonderful looking bird of prey (buzzard I think) flew over. It looked so beautiful flying against a bright blue sky . I've been looking out for Birds of Prey at the roadside ever since Juniors falconry session last October Hols .
Proper knitting is being put aside tonight so I can knit my poppy. Karen has adjusted the pattern so that it turns into a corsage style poppy and not a wreath, and her mum was kind enough to buy yarn for us all to share. I shall put more cash in the Poppy appeal box tomorrow .
Well apart from being the installation art in Cafe Flava (knitting in the window seat , well it does have the best light), I have been trying to cook wholesome warming dinners . Last night was sausage casserole, with leek and winter squash - big success. Tonight was beef casserole with green pepper and ginger , another success, in fact I just put all the ingredients together because I fancied them! And I love ginger.
I used stewing steak (British of course) , browned it, fried some leek, celery, pepper and mushrooms, added some veg stock, simmered for a while (45 mins), added chopped ginger, simmered again (20 mins) , then served with mashed potato and steamed broccoli . Delicious .
Photos' tomorrow, better get knitting that poppy .

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tash said...

Your stew sounds delicious. I'm definitely one for the warming meals at this time of year. We both love sausage casseroles (our local farmshop does the best banger I've ever had!) and old-fashioned lamb stew - heaven!

Can't wait to see the poppy!