Monday, 30 August 2010

I must I must ....

.....get a move on with my KSH cardi - In Laws 50th Wedding anniversary is only 3 weeks away and I will wear it to their party!
Why oh Why did I put it to the bottom of the wip basket ?
Still , 3 weeks is 21 days , should be no problem !
(Bottom lip beginning to quiver!)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Yarn Stalker ???

On the way home from Ayr , after visiting a friend and giving her birthday gift ( a Pom-Pom scarf) , I felt the need to look at some beautiful yarn and fibre .
So I stopped in West Kilbride and looked in Old Maiden Aunts Studio window - there was lots of this ... and this and of course this !
And it suddenly occurred to me that I may be ...... a Yarn Stalker !
Yikes !

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lazy Sundays

Its been a while since I have blogged , my eldest son now thinks the computer is his and "lends" it to me now . He then hangs about in a distracting manner until I get cross , then he storms off in a huff! Not enough to do on a lazy wet Sunday apparently .
I have still been knitting , and one of my favourite knits this summer has been this little Kidsilk spray scarf , I am test knitting a lovely pattern called Larissa by the very talented Karie , who is the Rowan Consultant at John Lewis , Glasgow .
I think this scarf may end up being a gift though , sometimes when I start a project I just get the feeling who it would suit (usually ME!) , but this time there will be another lucky recipient .
Another thing I don't usually do , is knit to order , or as my good pal Nan would say - nagged to knit! But a good friend of mine has a birthday and asked if I could knit her something..... in pom-pom yarn (another thing I don't normally do - knit in pom-pom yarn ) . However ,the effect is lovely and cuddly , perfect for a winter scarf .
Will I knit another - mmmmm , we'll see .
Last Thursday , a Craft Cruise came to visit our LYS Once a Sheep in Gourock , and I have to say , they shop in packs ! . Lots of lovely ladies (and a gentleman!) had a lovely time buying gorgeous local yarn (hand-dyed , hand-spun ) , and stopping for a short time to listen to the wonderful Clarsach being played , and the Gaelic songs being sung , as well as tasting fabulous shortbread , tablet and Irn Bru! One of the ladies , we discovered , wrote knitting books and lots of them . Her name was Sally Melville , and of course we had to check out her books on Amazon! She had just finished a gorgeous stole from Victorian Lace while on her cruise ship and hadn't had time to block it , but it still looked divine .
It was so lovely to meet all the cruisers , perhaps they'll join Once a Sheep group on Ravelry when they get back.
As well as knitting , I've been doing a wee bit sewing , some project bags with lovely sheep motifs . My sister found this material in our local material shop , so I had to have some - here are some of my wee bags!
Alas, I went back to get me some more of the material , but it appears to be gone! Sigh!
Hopefully I will post again a bit sooner than before , thats' if my DS1 lends me the computer back anytime soon - he is already hovering in the background !