Friday, 28 November 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow......

Had a lovely lunch today at the Cafe Continental to wish our good friend Gale Bon Voyage as she heads back to South Africa, after 6 lovely years in Inverclyde, and 3 of those as a member of Flavaknits!
It was just the four of us , who usually meet on a Wednesday morning, having a leisurely time eating and chatting, but very little knitting getting done . We are very sad to see Gale go , but it has been lovely to know her as a friend these last few years. Who knew that a hobby as knitting could bring together people as good friends , we're glad it did!
Won't write much , as my cold has now really kicked in , so I am nursing a Beechams Hot lemon just now - will just leave you with some photo's of todays' lunch.
Although you can't see past these three lovely ladies - the view out the window of the Argyllshire hills with snow, and the little fishing boats with flocks of seagulls following them , do look lovely! (Not as lovely as these three of course - Val, Karen and Gale) . Val has her gorgeous Jaegar Mohair Cardi, and Gale her lovely South African Merino scarf - Karen isn't wearing her scarf in the picture unfortunately - you can see it on her blog, Once a Sheep
If you look closely, you may just see my little silk tank under my pink cardi - finally finished it off, and do you know, it is actually very warm to wear.
The waiter was busy when I took these photos, so I have only three in each, instead of one picture with the four of us!
Watch out South Africa , with Gale back, the knitting craze will really take off!
And Haste ye Back my dear !

Monday, 24 November 2008

What a load of.....

About a year or so ago a good pal sent me en email from a well known networking site, so I sorta joined, and used it occasionally to keep in touch. Then , the other day another pal sent me an email from the same site, so I went back on, and ended up finding other folk I knew,which was nice, and added them to my friends ! So far so good.
Then , following a link to some other page within this site showed me I had some sort of mail, like birthday cards or something (?!), but the actual comment said - (Number) people Hate you, (Number) Have A Crush on you !
Good for them! But why bother telling me via an e-card ?
At that point I lost interest completely , and started looking at blogs, then popped on to Ravelry for a wee check , and oh, what was it I was doing first?????? Whats that funny web page there ???? Ahh Delete!
So, I'll just stick to Ravelry and good old email , that wastes enough of my knitting time without adding to it .
So, back to the knitting!
Isn't it lovely - I want it NOW - its a design from Jenny Watsons' Mini-Knits for Noro , gorgeous!
Oh look, whats this?
Its the back, Knitted over two evenings, I've also finished the two fronts and half a sleeve . Its love.
The yarn, Noro Kochoran, colourway 57 , same as my scarf.
When I saw the yarn in my LYS, and had to have it - used money I had to buy a christmas party dress (who needs them!) to get it , such was my craving! I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend, or if I'm extra fast by Flavaknits night.
Was very jealous of my DH this weekend - he was in London, and his hotel was in Waterloo, near Iknit (which had the Stitch in Time Book event on Saturday). Then he got to attend the Rugby at Twickenham (which I love and he doesn't!). Just as well I have my knitting to console me !

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A bit of a Habit!

So , we are almost back to full health , apart from DH's dodgy back! DS2 is fighting tooth and nail NOT to take his anti B's , which means he is most definitely better .
Phew! I hate it when wee ones get raised temperatures and feverishness - blame it on my childhood reading of Victorian childrens' literature !
And talking of reading - a little package arrived today which contained this.....
The first book by the famous knitter/blogger called Panopticon, or Franklin Habit to give him his Sunday name . He visited the Iknit shop in London last Thursday , to do a reading and a signing of his book, unfortunately I couldn't be there in person to see and hear the "reading" .
Fortunately, I ordered a book before he arrived..... and look....a signature from his crafty/arty fingers!
Thank You Gerard and Craig, the lovely owners of Iknit!
And talking of crafty/arty fingers, a few of us gathered for a spinning lesson on Sunday, hosted by my very good friend Karen . Janet, our teacher was very calm and patient, the pupils , however, were ........a bit less calm ! It was a wonderful lesson, but you could hear the cogs in everybody's brain turning over, and occasionally some steam coming out of the ears (lets not mention the words coming out of the mouths , or rather silently from my mouth! - least said soonest mended!)It was a fun day , and thanks to Karen and her family for the fabulous lunch . And all that wonderful fibre - got some to practice on! hehehehe.
Sandy and Ali did very well , as they had not done spinning before at all , and managed to produce very good looking yarn. Kimberley came on leaps and bounds too with her spindle , being younger she is a bit more active and could walk about while spinning
Janet taught Karen and me this technique of spinning straight from the tops without pre-drafting, which I seemed to get , then lost, then get , then lost..... but eventually found I could manage it even with slippy silk - oooohh, that was gorgeous that silk.
And of course I've been busy practising ever since (fingers crossed !) , or rather I've been trying but just never get the time !

Friday, 14 November 2008

Frankincense to offer have I.......

Well, not literally - its part of the 3 Kings Christmas Carol!
However Frankincense is a wonderful oil to use , especially at Christmas time, as it helps deepen breathing and provide a meditative state that helps reduce stresses. It has antiseptic and healing properties, and I can't recommend it highly enough!
Especially after a sleepless night, I don't get them very often now, and its a shock to the system when I do .
After a visit to the Doctors this morning we discovered that DS2 has an ear infection - a course of anti B's and Calpol should help, his temp is finally coming down a little, although it is still quite high.
Just now - he is Sleeping in Heavenly peace - which is great , I may join him!
Just a little knitting trivia - my sister lent me her Nigella Christmas Recipe Book - but what is this (Handknitted) item she is wearing ?
And doesn't it look at bit like this pattern from K1yarns
I'm going through the "Thank You page to see who might have given it to her - less stressful than reading the recipe's , those are scary! I'll just stick to the "express" recipes instead .

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Season of Mellowness

DS2 is still a bit unwell, lots of hankies and calpol , olbas oil and apple juice are at hand to aid recovery . Thankfully DS1 is fit and healthy and his immune system is a little bit stronger, due to being exposed to lots of germs at school!
Its raining outside, and the sky is grey unlike the one above which was taken a wee while ago. I'm not complaining, it means its easier to get into the "zone" for knitting, and all those wee jobs that need done about the house.
It also means I get to start thinking and preparing for Christmas ..... oooohh I said it , the C word!
Yesterday I bought an Advent Calendar for the children - its got Charlie and Lola on it, a favourite of DS2. Soon the Nativity scene and the Advent Calendars will be out, whipping the children into a frenzy of anticipation for Santa Claus/Father Christmas/St Nicholas .
And I'll find I am as unprepared as I was last year . *Sigh*
Time to get back to the knitting!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Knitting for pleasure

Its starting to get seriously chilly here just now , and the "nights are fair drawing in" as they say in these parts. The wee one DS2 has a "croaky voice" which appeared yesterday, so a day off from Nursery with lots of hot cocoa and lavender baths. It hasn't dented his energy levels that much, and the train set is taking over a large part of the living room!
Have had some lovely knitting sessions, at Flavaknits and Tramwayknits, over the last few days. Also took DS2 to his idea of heaven, the Greenock Model Railway Club annual show on Saturday - lots of other MRC's from different areas take part too , bringing some of their model railway sets. I think the DS2 favourite ones were the Thomas set he got to play with by pressing the controls, and the Lego one that he got a shot of too! Mine was the Narrow Gauge models, set up in the middle of the hall - its much bigger than the usual model railways, the members usually have their sets out in their gardens ! And , of course, there were plenty of Thomas toys to buy!
This time of year is wonderful ! Its cold and so a perfect excuse for knitting up cosy garments to keep warm in and stave off the winter chill . Great way to save on the heating bill too.
Here is my new , recently finished , Noro Kochoran scarf, using only one skein and the ever popular multi-directional pattern. One skein goes a long way, which is good considering the price of it, but it definitely went a lot longer than I thought it would ! One metre and 70 centimetres long, it will help get rid of my cold . Not bad from one skein of 160m . I love the colours in this yarn, and it is very soft and cuddly!
I'm also pressing ahead with the hiker socks, I've decided that they will fit after all, so just to finish number one and get on with number two .
I love the way the colours are coming out - sort of diagonal stripes , and the socks are as squishy as the yarn - squishy is the technical term for the level of softness!
However, just now I'm pressing on with a wee gift for an even smaller friend, hope to have it done by Wednesday! Need to get my finger out (or fingers) to make sure .
Its a Patons pattern using the DB fabulous Cashmerino Baby yarn. Its knitting up a treat . I can't wait to see it finished and keeping that wee person warm.
Now I'm off to make my (in?)famous Winter warmer soup - then have a peek at Ravelry , well the house works almost done !

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Multidirectional has gone off course!

So, I started with 20 stitches on my directional scarf, and by the time I had reached the 4th triangle I was down to 16 !
So, to quote Edwin Collins, Rip it back and start again (Orange Juice, 1980's??) I ripped it back and shoved it in my knitting bag - will pick it up and start again this evening at Flavaknits, where a nice Chai Latte will soothe my nerves .
I should stop staying up late watching old repeats of Coupling, which I didn't find funny first time round , but for some reason I now find hilarious!
Now if you fancy going off course , have a look at Karens' blog - there is a very worthy cause to donate to there, AND it involves knitting too!
The many who owe so much to the few

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Its Here!

Vogue Knitting Holiday Issue is in my local Keystore! So excited I bypassed the newspapers and forgot to check the American Election result.
Thankfully my good pal India's on the button, so to speak, and when I checked my blog updates she had it there on her blog!
And the BBC have it on their website too! What, who won ? Why Barack Obama of course - any candidate with a wife like Michelle Obama was going to make it into the White House! And if she follows in the steps of another American First Lady, she'll be the first Female President of the USA ! Just my tuppence worth!
No, I'm not waving a little flag here, its my Noro Kochoran which will soon be a multidirectional scarf, its some knitting therapy after my disastrous socks.Its a gorgeous yarn, there was only one skein left in John Lewis on Saturday, so it had to be mine , mine , mine !
Hope it matches my beret.... do you notice my beret has changed shape - finally blocked it on a large dish - gave it a great beret shape, and not, as my sister would say, bunnet shape!
And there are lots of lovely hats to knit in the latest VK..... so many lovely patterns, so little time!
Off to the bakers now to get some Bonfire Night cakes - remember, remember the fifth of November..... Americans certainly will!
Edited: Keystore had 4 more copies of VK this morning, its only £3.75

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Well, I was feeling very smart after finishing several knitted items, and I fancied a new pair of socks, so , I pulled out some Artesano Hummingbird yarn that had been relagated to the stash bucket, and started Hiker Socks from One Skein Wonders.
I'll fit this in between knitting my Noro sweater, I thought. Then as I turned the heel, I tried it on (as I usually do at this point), and it felt tight!
Checked tension, checked measurements, hmmmm, appear to be right, so why is it tight . Perhaps its just the cast on, I can sort that, oh, its tight on the heel too, mmmmmm. Thinking......
More thought bubbles - should I continue...... should I frog......or should I stop right where I'm at and just start another bigger sock ? Thinking again.........
I know , I'll just get on with my Noro sweater, now let me measure the finished back, hhmmmmm, not as long (or wide) as I originally thought ! More thinking ......
..... Should I frog or just get on with the front, make it longer, and embrace the fitted look! *Sigh*
I think I'll just go back to reading my knitting magazine, and have some chocolate!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Mondays are for.....

Taking the children to school and Nursery .
Stopping for a coffee and a chat with friends and "regulars", while hearing the Tugs and their foghorns blast up and down the river.
Delivering this small jacket for a very small person !
Going to the supermarket for the weekly groceries.
Picking up DS2 from Nursery, and taking him home and making his lunch .
Putting all the groceries in the fridge/cupboard, then making a fine spicy parsnip soup for my lunch.
Make beef and pumpkin casserole while soup is simmering, put casserole in oven for a long slow cook.
Play Monkey madness with DS2 , find a suitable Thomas the Tank Engine DVD and put on player .
Cleaning the Kitchen including mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom and cloakroom, mopping floors too!
Dusting and vacuuming the carpets and cleaning all the bedrooms.
Sorting the laundry (ironing comes later !)
Sitting down before dinner to have a nice cup of tea and read some blogs (then update my own!)
Admire the view from DS1's room.... foghorns have gone, sun is setting and the scenery look stunning.
The day of a busy and contented housewife.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Spooky Sunday Knitting

I know its been two days since Halloween, but the Tramwayknits group had a Halloween theme, courtesy of the lovely Alice and her Pumpkin Teapot cosy!
Isn't it gorgeous - Alice is a bit of a whizz with the dye-ing, and I'm sure she mentioned overdye-ing some pale orange with a darker shade , or some such process, to get the achieved look - its fabulous! Look it even doubles as a hat ! And check out Alices' gorgeous Kidsilk Haze sweater - apparently complete strangers stop her to stroke the sweater, the pull of cracksilk haze , eh! (That's Joy admiring the hat/cosy)
Everyone wanted to try on the pumpkin (! we persuaded them !) and here is the lovely Sarah being "styled" by Alice , while Heather tries to avoid being the next person to have a knitted pumpkin stuck on her head!
Doesn't she look lovely! And.... it matches her sweater.
And here is Alice modeling her lovely sweater, seconds before she had her hands on a very obvious part of the sweater , which is why Thea is peeking round in surprise !
The things a digital camera misses , eh! Never mind, here is Thea modeling her lovely supersoft scarf, just right for this time of year.
And here we all are actually knitting, and not modeling , its a pity I never got a picture of Gloria with her extreme crochet hook and her wonderful Tunisian crochet blanket, it looked fabulous and will make a lovely present . That's Gloria between Alice and Fiona, head down , working hard, trying to avoid that dreadful woman and her camera! hehehe!
Finally finished this , it was for another baby, but my cousins partner has just had a wee baby girl, and so it is now for them (it takes me that long to sew up!) Its just perfect for a baby, ........ acrylic, machine washable and tumble-dryable!
Best get the buttons sewn on now!