Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Well I finally gave up on the Eunice pattern/Smooshy yarn combo . It just wasn't doing it for me so I frogged. It always depresses me to do this after all the hours and work I put in , but I know if I am really unhappy with something there is no alternative. So frustrating , but hey ho life goes on .
I had a lovely weekend at Inverness visiting friends , and the boys all really got on well playing the usual boy games , and watching similar TV programmes . The sun shone and we had a marvelous barbeque and plenty of wine! (thats the adults not the kids , they got high on Ribena!)
The only drawback is the long drive of approx 200 miles (probably piffling by American Standards) , and the various roadworks/holdups . It took me about 4 and a half hours , not including the stops . Also DH was working so Mummy here was doing it all!
Still it is a very pretty drive and I recommend the cakes at House of Bruar , plus a wee walk along to the falls of Bruar. Its funny Blair Atholl Castle is close by , but I've never visited it yet , must make a point one day .
Well after the Eunice debacle , I was feeling a bit put off knitting socks. Fortunately , I has signed up for the Send a Skein swap in the 2009 Sock Knitalong forum on Ravelry (members only , but its free to join so follow the link!) And I received the most gorgeous skein of Natural Dye Studio BFL Dazzle sock yarn in the most amazing colours - BUT, you can't see it until I knit it all up in Augusts pattern , which will either be Cookie A Monkeys or Sunshine. Don't want another Eunice situation! And , I am knitting another pair in Fyberspates as a gift for a friend . So I'm not toooooo put off!
Ahh , the sun is shining now - better get out and enjoy it while I can!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Now there are pictures

I am having difficulty getting a decent picture of Kiri , here it is blocked with Cedric having a lie down on it . It is very sheer , due to the fact it is a fine fingering weight yarn knitted on size 4.5mm needles . I am pleased with the result and would try again , but use stitch markers next time. It has encouraged me to try some more lace patterns , so watch this space ! A favourite has to be Ann Hansons Fernfrost Design Scarf .
I think I was just having a panic moment with Eunice , here is my photo update . I like the sock and the pattern , and it will be a cosy bulky sock , most likely for wearing in the house . I'm just going to keep knitting and stop thinking about it ! The yarn does look gorgeous , and it feels good too.
I finally wound my skein of Old Maiden Aunt Merino/Cashmere sock yarn into a ball , and an going to make a textured shawlette . The "recipe" for this is on Ravelry , and I saw a shawl made from 2 skeins of Old Maiden Aunt yarn , it was so gorgeous . So I had to download it straight away . Hopefully it will be good enough for a gift . The yarn is gorgeous to knit with , I just keep cuddling it !
I think Cedric has designs on my OMA project , time to get knitting !

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Moody Knitter!

I am halfway through July's Cookie A KAL pattern from the Sock Innovation book , called Eunice . And I'm still not sure if its the right yarn/needle/colour combo . Does anyone else feel like this from time to time ?
I love the pattern , its challenging enough without being too complex .
I love the yarn , it lives up to its name , Dream in Color Smooshy , its really IS smooshy .
And the circular needles I am using are not causing my RSI to flare up BUT they could be a wee bitty smaller (and then they probably WOULD cause my RSI to flare up , and I can't afford anymore Osteo just now ).
And the sock looks good too , albeit a wee bit loose , but fitting not too bad . Hhhmmmm ....... maybe I'm just in a strange knitting mood , maybe I just need to NOT think too much and keep knitting .
At least my Kiri is now finished and blocked (badly , but still blocked) , pictures later when I've charged up the camera. It looks lovely and feels great . And it has whetted my appetite for some more lace .
Perusing the Old Maiden Aunt site , I followed the link to Anne Hanson Designs site , and MY OH MY !, those scarfs / stoles / shawls are a site to behold . I've already chosen one or two scarf/stole patterns , and then , of course , I will need to visit OMA to get the necessary yarn .
Moody ? Me ?

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Forest Fun!

Just back from a lovely relaxing holiday at Center Parcs , near Penrith in the gorgeous English Lake District . The lodges are set in the Whinfell forest , which is home to the original Squirrel Nutkin , the red squirrel . Its so lovely to get up in the morning and see the rabbits bobbing about outside , have the pheasant and his Hen visit , and see the small animals and birds scurry away as the Sparrow-Hawk swoops down .
And then there is the BIG Pool! where you can learn to swim , or just play , or do both !
"Hurry up Mum , the wave machine is about to come on !"
And there are plenty of Play Parks to have fun in , and climb , slide or perhaps ....swing .
"Hey , Mum is quite good at this pushing thing isn't she ?" Yeah! not bad"
But what really makes your heart melt is the babies , the ducklings , the moorchicks and the original ugly ducklings.....or Cygnets! Not ugly at all , just so cute . But watch out , Mum and Dad don't let you go too near , or you'll get a peck!
And I discovered a class called Lavender Relaxation , WOW! Fabulous! I was so relaxed I literally floated for the rest of the day !
It was such a fun relaxing time , and who would have thought you would be able to have a barbeque right in the middle of a forest! Yikes , thankfully it was a small (and tasty) one , and all the meat got cooked right through .
I even got a little knitting done , half of my Eunice sock and almost done on the edging of my Kiri shawlette .
Don't you just love the Summer Holidays!

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Crafty Business

And here it is , finally , my Cafetiere cover ! Tried it out on Wednesday when some of the Knitting group girls came over for morning coffee . Seemed to work a treat , or was it the fact that it was very hot outside that has something to do with keeping the coffee warm! We'll find out later .
Had a lovely afternoon Shop sitting for Liliths' yarn studio , here is one of my companions during my shift . He's a cuddly sheep who's guarding the gorgeous fibre in that tub . I was allowed to look , not touch!
And here is another of my companions , Chookiebirdie Owl , he's keeping an eye on those beautiful hand-dyed balls of yarn . Doesn't say much Owl , its all in the gorgeous eyes!
And this is one of the works of art on Liliths wall , colours just like Monets' Waterlilies paintings .
And here is another work of art , its kinda like installation art , as it keeps changing (something to do with the yarn having to be sent to customers .....)
Beautiful yarns , gorgeous colours !
So , in between packing and posting parcels , having cups of tea , I did a little knitting. The start of my Cookie a KAL , pattern Eunice , yarn DIC Smooshy. And I sat in the big fat comfy leather armchair and knitted , whilst some lovely fiddle music played in the background (are you jealous yet ?)
Only one visitor , a lovely man named Eddie , who came to see how I was getting on and ask where the wee doggie was . He'll be back soon , no worries !
Hope you are having a lovely time Lilith , its a pleasure to Shop sit while you are gone !