Tuesday, 6 November 2007

More Knitterly things!

Firstly, thank you Judy for your comments - I will indeed try the squash in some soup. I also thought about putting some squash in a sausage casserole, we will see! It does appear to be quite a versatile veg .
One sleeve and a neckband to go - my cocoon cardi is shaping up nicely. I really do enjoy knitting with it, so I am looking forward to starting DH sweater.
A while back I visited my pal Nans' shop and was admiring one of the knitting books - Montse Stanleys' The Handknitters Hanbook. As luck would have it, Nan had a spare copy and kindly gave it to me. Its a super book , great for reference, and guess whos' picture I found in it ?
Never see this picture in the tabloid papers - nice fairisle Kate, what no MOSS stitch. (bad pun, I know)
And as I write, Junior jnr is re-arranging the sofa, its a slide, its a bouncy castle, its FUN!

1 comment:

tash said...

I can see your little one has a promising career as an architect ahead!

Love the coccoon cardi and the book sounds really interesting.