Monday, 28 March 2011

Bit of a guddle !

In a bit of a guddle just now . Had a new kitchen put in recently , which is wonderful . Then new flooring needed to be laid and now all that is left is for the tiling to be done .....
However , a new kitchen requires some new equipment too - like my new kenwood food processor , and some new crockery and ........ the money only goes so far , will need to take it slowly .
There is still knitting , sisters scarf is almost done , only a month late ! And there is some other knitting too coming up soon .
Back to the guddle .

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

100th International Womens' Day

as well as Pancake Tuesday!
For the last few months lots of busy knitters have been knitting squares and sending them into the Tramway in order to make a blanket of 100 million stitches to represent the 100 million women "missing" in the world .
Here is a link to the garterstitch100 group blog - there are some photo's , but they do not show the full extent of all the knitting and sewing done .
Glasgow Knit n Stitch group have greatly contributed to this event , knitting squares and sewing them up each week . Some of the ladies have made huge blankets out of the squares for display . Gloria took in her knitting machine and did a power of work too , teaching as well as knitting .
And in a couple of windy wee towns further down the Clyde , several other knitters made and sent in their contribution too !
A huge blanket was sewn together and is displayed in the foyer of the Tramway , and , starting today , there are 100 events happening to celebrate 100th International Womens' Day .
I had a lovely morning sitting with Laura and Vanessa from the Glasgows' Womens' Library (based at the Mitchell Library at Charing Cross) who had a wee table out with all their flyers , whilst I stitched some more squares along with Ella from the Knit n Stitch . There was some ladies doing henna painting , "threading" , and there was lots of music and dancing going on too . It was a real celebration and great fun .
And yet there is sadness , that in the world today there are 100 million women , missing , not there , gone .
There is still work to be done to make sure every women is wanted , valued, appreciated .
And we should remember to Thank those who do so much , who never look for recognition , who are sometimes taken for granted . True heroes.