Sunday, 11 November 2007

The Day after.....

the SnB day down in London!
Fabulous , lovely , gorgeous , exhausting , fun fun fun ! Just a few words to describe the wonderful even Craig and Gerard from Iknit London put on yesterday. It was lovely to meet many different famous "knitty" people , as well as seee all the wonderful knitty things.
Apart from the early start, and wandering around Euston road trying to find the hotel, the day was a big success. Managed to meet up with Julia, who was lucky enough to get into the Debbie Stoller workshop, where she learned the secrets of knitting the two-sided Argyll scarf from Debbies' new book, Son of Stitch and Bitch!
Never got to meet Indias' pal Brandon Mably as he came down with 'flu the night before, but met Yvonne again, who had her Guild hat on that day, and was raking in the donations .
The stalls were amazing, all that yarn and fibre and patterns. And all these people wearing their gorgeous handknits .
Instead of me going on and on - I'll show you a few pictures instead , apologies , the quality isn't that great.
Jane Waller showing us some of her Vintage Handknits - they were beautiful.
Another post-WW2 sweater, knitted from remnants of old sweaters .
The Shellac Sisters with their 1920 Gramophones, and 78's - see the lady looking like something from WW2 - thats a knitted dress! Its gorgeous, and she knitted it herself.
Son of Stitch and Bitch Fashion show headed by Debbie Stoller herself, followed by some of the Iknit worthies - don't they look handsome in their handknits (all patterns from DBs' new book!)
And a few items from the day, the main one being the SIGNED copy of Son of Stitch and Bitch - Knit On!

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