Friday, 21 August 2009

Time Flies !

The last days of the school holidays just flew in , and soon it was time to wash and iron school uniforms and get DS2 prepared for starting school!
He just can't wait to go here , thought I had put the camera away , but , AHA , no .
Big Brother is a veteran of Primary school now , and the obligatory photo's at the start . DS2 is a bit fed up of all the fuss !
Off they went as happy as the proverbial larry ! DS1 likes his new MAN teacher . DS2 just likes school . So can't complain.
Managed to finish my Cookie A Sunshine socks this month , with yarn from my 2009 Sock KAL swap - NDS Dazzle sock yarn , just lovely and squishy and wonderful . Pattern is gorgeous too !
Now , I am on an official yarn diet (ahem..) so no yarn until Iknit , and then just a little. I need to knit up all my yarn stash before the moths try and eat it up!
So I came across a pattern in Twist Collective online magazine that I just adore - its this Vine Yoke Cardi designed by Ysolda Teague . I have two shades of New Lanark yarn that would be just perfect for this . AND it is knit in one piece , side to side , very clever .
Now this pattern for Anne Hansons gorgeous Fernfrost scarf I have been eyeing for a few weeks . Its a definite for some gifts and I want to knit one for me too . I just love how the design captures the patterns that Frost can make on windowpanes .
Its not quite scarf time yet - however the weather has been quite biblical , sudden heavy rains almost flooding the place (thank goodness we live UP a hill) , interspersed with glorious sunshine - except in Hamilton I hear ! I think the weather is trying to tell us to get knitting those warm clothes anyway , as it won't be long until Autumn . (In Scotland anyway , hehehehe!)

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Last days of Summer

Soon it will be time for the children to return to school . DS1 is sad because he doesn't like school , DS2 is excited because he is starting school ! And today Grandpa took them to get some pencil cases and lunchboxes . One Happy Child , one Miserable Child . Comedy/Tragedy , two sides of the one face ?
Bit like life eh ?
Sadly , DH s' Uncle passed away after a short and unexpected illness . Fortunately he was able to spend his last few days at home with his family .
So , I have decided to knit up some squares for Comfort Blankets for the MacMillan Charity , as sponsored by The Knitter magazine . Its a worthy cause , truly!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Summer Breeze

Had a lovely morning at Karen's today , with a load of knitty pals. For a change the Sun actually came out , although it was quite breezy ! Wednesday mornings usually find us all at Cafe Flava , but while the bairns are off school its at someones home! Made some scones this morning before I left , and due to the fact I was running late as usual , they were warm when I got to Karens' house. And my what a spread was there when I arrived . Moira had brought some lovely cakes , there were croissants and muffins and home-made Blackcurrant Jam ..... and for those of us who wanted to be healthy there was a bowl of grapes......which we ate AFTER the goodies!
Of course there was some knitting as well as eating! Karen had finished one of her Cookie A Angee socks , in a lovely charcoal/chocolate colourway , Moira brought a preemie knit jacket , so tiny and cute , and Val was starting some socks in a gorgeous blackberry shade of yarn she bought while visiting Helsinki . Kirsty was knitting a baby jacket in a lovely shade of blue and cream , a bit like Devon ware ! And me , its all about the socks again .
I have two pairs of socks on the go just now , one a gift for a friend , and the other my Cookie A Sunshine pattern socks . And I'm loving them both ! I also have a couple of WIPs that are calling me back to them , and I may pick them up anytime soon too. But first the socks , I am loving both the patterns , so fingers crossed they work out . My Sunshine socks are a mystery until finished , unless you've seen them in person! My other ones I can show here .
The yarn is Fyberspates space-dyed sock yarn (I think its BFL) , and the pattern is one specifically written for the yarn. Its a lovely wee cable effect , and I think it looks great . The yarn is so soft or cuddly as DS2 would say.
Had a bit of a knitty weekend , last weekend . Visited K1yarns to see the Knitting Goddess Trunk show . What a divine selection of yarn . Now I have been a bit naughty lately with buying yarn , but I couldn't leave without this , the colourway is Rhubarb Crumble and Custard and its a lovely BFL sock yarn - Cedric likes the colours very similar to him!
I got to meet Joy aka Knitting Goddess , and another two Domestic Goddesses , namely Helen and Theresa (or Terry!) from the Cookie A KAL . They had brought along some gorgeous Gingerbread and Carrot cake . Would have been rude to decline it!
Another surprise at the weekend was the arrival of my twin Unicorns , colourway Aqua . Just beautiful aren't they ?
Had to buy two this month as I missed out on last months , but these beauties more than make up for it . I can see some lovely Christmas gifts being made sometime soon .
But this , this one brings out the Selfish knitter in me , this is Arauncania sock yarn , purchased from the lovely Nan's shop , Stitching Time in Hamilton . And its MINE all mine , not sharing . Cedric loves this one , its him to a T !(Its mine Cedric!)
What I can share with you , is my scone recipe , courtesy of the Bero book! Well its loosely based on the Bero recipe !
Ingredients are :- 200g / 8oz of Self-raising flour . 100g / 2oz of margarine or butter . 50g / 1oz of caster sugar . 1 large egg mixed with some milk (enough to get a good loose dough mixture)
Turn oven on to Gas mark 7 or 350deg F
First mix the flour and sugar in a bowl then rub in the margarine to this mix , make sure the margarine is completely rubbed in and part of the floury mix.
Then add some of the egg/milk mix , enough to make a good (not too sticky) dough .
Empty the dough on to a flat work top and pat down to about an inch or inch and half thick .
Get some cookie cutters and cut out your scones ,then , place them on a greased baking tray .
With a finger or two , dab some of the eggy milk mix onto the top of the scones to "glaze" . Some folk use a wee brush , I can never find mine!
Put in oven for ten minutes to bake .
Put kettle on to boil , and set out milk jug , sugar bowl , cups and saucers for some tea!
Get out some butter and jam , plates and knives .
Put a little boiling water in tea pot - then empty . Put in tea (bags or loose choice is yours!) and fill with boiling water . Leave to infuse , perhaps cover with knitted tea cosy!
Remember to take scones out of oven , transfer to a serving plate , then enjoy morning/afternoon tea !