Saturday, 3 November 2007

Remember, Remember

the 5th of November, Bonfire/Guy Fawkes night. The local "celebrations" include a fireworks display at Customhouse Quay in Greenock, with a 25 foot/12m high wicker figure depicting Auld Dunrod ( a famous local witch/wizard, who may or may not have been burned for his activities), anyway he got a hill named after him , probably where he carried out his evil deeds! Not sure why he's the "Guy" this year - something to do with a local Myths and Legends festival .
The fireworks have been going off haphazardly as usual, some people not able to contain themselves until the 5th.
And talking of dates to remember and not being able to contain myself (of the excitement) , next Saturday I'm off to the first ever SnB day down at Iknit London, Yippee! There appears to be loads going on with Brandon Mably, Debbie Stoller and her new book , different knitting stalls, shows , AND my friend Gayle (fabulous cook) has offered to bake the breakfast muffins for the plane trip down ! What more could a girl ask for .
But the real biggie date to remember in November is obviously Remembrance Sunday, which this year actually falls on 11/11 . Knitonthenet have come up with a brilliant idea , they are asking for donations to the British Legion, and in return you will get a pdf document of a pattern to knit a poppy. My knitting buddy, Marion, started to knit one the other evening, but it was nearly the size of a wreath ! Karen suggested we knit them in wool and felt them to make them more "poppy" size. Anyway , its a good cause to donate to, as the British Legion helps ex-service men and women and their dependents, those who pay the ultimate price for our Governments decisions.
And November is also the month I start the Christmas Knitting - please don't scream! Although I have my Christmas projects set out, yarn bought, patterns at the ready, I still hear the siren call of some extra quick Christmas projects that I'd like to do. Looking at K1yarns website I saw this Colinette Point 5 Which would make a lovely scarf!And i also saw this Lima yarn But which one to choose ? Or should I take both ? (Hopefully DH isn't reading this - it may give him the nervous twitch)
As if I didn't have enough projects on the go - at least the Rowan Cocoon shortie cardi is going well (one sleeve and a neckband to go ) , the Pinwheel sweater is slowly getting there (one more sleeve and edging to go). No photo's until next week, I'm going to save it all up until after the Iknit event.
Tomorrow I'm off to my Tramwayknits group, one of our number is upping sticks to Zurich (the lengths some folk go to get more yarn!), so we're enjoying her company while we can! And I guess we'll need to start saving for a group trip to Zurich in the summer (do easyjet go there?)
There is so much going on this month that before you know it, IT will be here, you know , ST ANDREWS day - lol!

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Midsummer night's knitter said...

EAsyjet do indeed fly to Zurich - and I found an AMAZING yarn shop there last weekend :0)