Thursday, 8 November 2007

Look what just pop(py) 'd in

So I waste half the night trying to knit Poppy here, and even sleeping I was dreaming about knitting it. It was all going pear-shaped which is not good when its Poppy shape you are wanting. Sitting in the window seat with my latte at Cafe Flava, it all came together, literally. Thank You Val for the yarn! Now , I know its not the best looking poppy, but it has to be better, and longer lasting then the paper ones, and I can always make a few minor adjustments (like... knit another one! lol)
Poppy has got a new friend too - Kiwi ! Kiwi is recovering in my bedroom, after Junior jnr thought he was Rumpelstiltskin !. Strict orders have been issued, and the door locked. Santa will be informed if there are any breaking of these rules . You've heard of yummy mummy, slummy mummy , alpha mummy - me, I'm "threat and bribe" mummy, and you know, most times it works! But it won't be long before Kiwi is busily burring away with some roving, and although it won't be spun into gold , it will hopefully be something better than that , Yarn .
Ginger is the cooks secret ingredient du jour in the house just now. This has been added to the beef casserole and the Winter Warmer soup (the ingredients of which change to suit whats in my veg drawer in the fridge - but safe to say its usually root veg). Tonight, I'm splashing out and making prawn and avocado spicy couscous - and the kids will be getting soup and chicken dippers because...."it smells funny, and I don't like the colour". And its Flavaknits night tonight , so I like to keep everyone "happy" (read quiet!) And we'll be discussing Saturdays' plans for SnB day - can't wait .
Finally, the above picture is Tuesdays' Sausage casserole, with the sausages hiding under the winter squash and leek. It was delicious, and Junior scoffed it down in 30 seconds flat. Now, that was yummy mummy!


tash said...

I love your wheel - you incredibly lucky thing! Wow!

Your poppy is wonderful, such a pretty corsage all year round.

And the sausage casserole looks stunning. Ours is always red because ours tends to err towards the cassoulet type with tomatoes and butterbeans. I quite fancy that tonight actually - you've inspired me :)

Poshyarns said...

The poppy looks great, such a good idea.

Ooooh, a wheel, very exciting and quite funny about Rumplestiltskin but maybe you have a blossoming fibre fiend?

Kathleen said...

The wheel has landed!
I can see you spinning up a storm on that.
I like the poppy, that's a good idea. x K