Saturday, 28 April 2007

Normal Service will be resumed .....

My word, its the 28th April, nine days since last post. Its the secret projects' fault, the yarn is getting easier to knit with, but the patterns are a wee bit awkward at times.
Next week, it should all be finished, done deal, sewn up etc. etc. etc. Then there'll be a party.
Had a lovely evening at Cafe Flava on Thursday! We had a new member, Morag from Castle Douglas (or CD to locals) - I think she enjoyed herself, and hopefully will be back. As part of my secret project , there are a few Flava friends who are taking part too, but I think they were wanting to poke my eyes with the rosewood needles on Thursday! Still we had a great night, reading everyones magazines, ooohing and aahing over the different designs.
Ah well the sun is shining just now so better get out and do some knitting in the back garden (nb. must remind Bumble bees to stay away from Nans' house!!)
And this wee photo is for your benefit Nan - secret project in progress
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Flavaknits Sunsets (Mummy , whats that big orange thing up in the Sky?)

Its the sun, son!
We watched a beautiful sunset, while knitting at Cafe Flava this evening, in fact we needed the old sunspecs . Was able to push on with the secret project, although am getting a numb finger tip due to the type of pattern/s , ouch!
Apart from that, there has been no progress in any other projects just now . I have set a date to finish the secret project (cough, splutter) , so after that I shall charge ahead with the alpaca socks and Fyberspates cropped cardi .
Visited the Optician today - Mr Ku is a sprightly, slightly cheeky gentleman, but I forgave him all when he told me that my eyesight was IMPROVING! Now if thats not an advert for organic carrots, I don't know what is ! So I chose a nice trendy pair of Frames, and perhaps I'll look a wee bitty younger too (perhaps not, keep buying the moisturiser ,my girl!)
I visited Ikea yesterday, (Braehead Shopping centre, seventh circle of Hades!) and now I have three large boxes sitting waiting to be opened and the contents put together. I trust , no one to do this, I am an allankey control freak. Hopefully by the weekend I will have a nice new glass TV table and two wooden side tables - or a headache!
Thank You for your comments, its always a lovely surprise to get them . Yvette, I always remember when I stayed in California for a wee while, a work collegue smuggled in a can of Irn Bru and some Lees Tablet! It was divine.
India , I always overcook my brown rice , and occasionally I mix in some wild rice . And I ALWAYS put a wee bit bouillon in the cooking water - works every time!
Nan, the beach in Nairn is wonderful - somebody was having a barbeque (and didn't invite us!) But I have to say that with the Sun today, my wee back garden is just lovely and private enough to eat my dinner !
Bought a wee guidebook for New York, along with a mini map - now I need to work out a knitting tour of Manhattan - any ideas?

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Ne'er cast a cloot...

til May is oot!
So my Granny would say - well I may still be wearing warm clothing, but I'm casting my "cloots oot" on the washing line in between showers! The joys of a Scottish Spring
Another thing I keep doing until "May is oot" , is cook soup - I have another pot of Butternut surprise soup (the surprise is the ginger root that is added, but the boys don't know that!) The sun may be shining, but there is a nip in that wind!
I try to cook healthily, and one of my favourite recipes just now is from a book called "Low Fat goes Luscious!" - its a creamy curried fish dish (farmed organic cod from Shetland!), and is wonderful , even junior eats it.
I tend to be a bit generous with the curry powder (loooove curry!) , so my fish looks a bit more colourful than the one in the book ! I also make too much sauce .
But in case you get the idea that I'm a health freak , here is what I had for lunch today - a nice fry up! I do come from the country that gave the world the deep fried Mars Bar, and Irn Bru ! (And no, I have never had deep fried Mars Bar, nor do I intend to!) And as for Irn Bru - it goes down nicely with Fish and Chips.
In between hanging out the laundry (the rain has stopped so I may hang it out again before the next shower !) I have been weeding my garden. No planting as yet, I have the previous owners to thank for what plants we have with the exception of my lemon balm . Trying to catch the little caterpillars and slugs that love the garden is a more difficult occupation.
Its lovely to get comments,thank you to all who have commented over the last few posts. I had a giggle when I re-read Nan's comment - with two small children I treasure sleep the most ! (and hubby was working)

Monday, 16 April 2007

Happy Holidays! No.2

Well, the Easter Holidays are now over, and today we were back at school, work, toddler group etc. etc. It was a lovely holiday, and the weather was great for most of it, in fact the last few days have been a tropical 19 degrees celsius or 66 degrees farenheit!
It was great to catch up with my friend in Inverness, to see the children , and have a fun time together. We spent a lovely day at Nairn beach, with a picnic, buckets and spades, and a thermos flask of tea (so British!) - a few photos below:-)
And this good looking young man is the reason I got back into knitting! Yes, when my Godson was born I took up the needles after a break of , mmmm let me see, Fifteen years!
I got back in time to make the Sunday knitting meetup at the Tramway - another beautiful day surrounded by beautiful knitting. And yes Nan, I'm sad to day I did bring along my secret project, but I'm not feeling the love for it just now - here is a wee snippet :-)
But enough of me, and on to the rest of the groups knitting - to my left was Heather who was knitting the Noro Scoop neck cardigan (yarn lust here!) , Catherine appeared to be knitting a scarf in one of the tape yarns (not sure which), next to Catherine was Ella, who is knitting more socks (this time an Opal yarn as she is allergic to Alpaca, poor wee soul!). Jen had the most beautiful silk sock yarn (?), and was almost finished one sock by the time she left. Across the way, Evelyn was knitting some lovely New Zealand wool (a sweater I think), Fiona was knitting a lovely lacy design in what looked like a green cotton, and India was knitting the Rogue Hoodie (Girl from auntie!)in a lovely natural yarn, with pale pink cabling (I don't do it justice, it is lovely). The talented Maggie, was knitting a sweater in two yarns which gave a lovely variegated red colour .
Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera so no pictures - if Kathleen had been there she would have written up a much better report than me!
Simplesparrows' blog has a lovely header of her clothesline/washing line, with a beautiful blue sky as background to her colourful washing. She has requested photos of other folks clothesline, just because the smell of fresh laundry can trigger happy memories! So in that vein , here is a picture of my lovely new John Lewis(organic cotton) sheets, and some little tikes things hanging in the background - all washed, dried and ironed on the same day (background... didn't she do well...applause!)
Tomorrow, there will be some cooking and a wee bit gardening (that is, the plants I didn't kill over the winter).

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Happy Holidays!

Kids were great on the road up to Inverness , and we all arrived safe and sound. They are now in bed fast asleep, and I am having a happy time catching up with my pal while having a glass of wine or four! Weather is lovely, and if it keeps up , we're off to Nairn beach tomorrow, hooray! Thank you for all your kind comments - photo's when I get back, and maybe some more peeps at my secret project!

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Sunday - Chocolate at last!

It is Easter Sunday at last - the eggs have been hardboiled and decorated, the alarm was set, and the Sun appeared briefly at 7am this morning in time for the Easter Sunrise Service!
After chittering through the service, at last the great egg roll , about twenty eggs bounced and rolled over the grass down the hill, into bushes, cracking off wee rocks and almost making it to the bottom. Any remains were left for the birds, bees and any other wildlife that would care to eat them.
Then onto the serious business of chocolate - Auntie hand-makes her chocolate eggs - aren't we lucky! Off course being Dr Who fans, a Dalek egg is a must, complete with Tardis and Cybermen sweeties, and an exterminate button!
Chocolate for breakfast - I should cocoa! Beautiful Easter blooms - for Grandma.
Have been swatching for my secret project (Yep its serious stuff) . Need to order some addi turbos' from K1 Yarns, cos these straights are a pain in the finger, literally. No knitting photo's yet - need to get my needles first!
Off to Inverness on Thursday - its been a while since I've been up, and I'm really looking forward to it, especially seeing my friends. Need to take some woolies with me as its a wee bitty colder up there . Wonder if I'll see the monster this time ???
Have a Happy Easter !

Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday

Yesterday was one of those busy days - not doing a lot except rush around.
It was Maundy Thursday, a day traditionally associated with the Monarchy handing out alms to the poor, imitating one of the last acts of Jesus , who washed the feet of his disciples.
Last night was the Maundy Thursday service, and as part of a small singing group, I sang at the church service. Nobody ran out screaming, so I think it went okay.
The minister is our own "Vicar of Dibley", and always brings a sense of happiness and jollity to the services.
Its been a frogging week! On Sunday it was the sock (which is well on its way to full knittedness!) and on Tuesday it was the cropped cardigan (4 times - yikes) . I think the school holidays have been too distracting, I need a bit more focus. Photos to follow soon. Although, I did manage to get out to three knitting groups this week. Sunday at Tramway, Tuesday at Cafe Nero and Thursday (later on) at Cafe Flava! Poor Nan and India have been having a time of it recently, so I hope they are feeling a wee bit better !
Have managed a few trips out with the boys - Wednesday we went to New Lanark, and considering the history of the place it really was lovely. Some of the old spinning machines are used to spin yarn (that lovely stuff I got at the craft fair), and boy what a racket they make . All the buildings have been restored/rebuilt to their original plans , and I like the display that shows how derelict the buildings were before restoration. I was able to refresh my memory on the Industrial Revolution (O-grade History)
Today we went to Finlaystone Estate, and the boys ran riot around the different play areas, Pirate Ship, Fort, Train, various Wigwams and adventure areas. I recovered in the Celtic Tearoom, and passed a real "Eye Opener" on the way (for those of you who know Finlaystone, you'll know what this is, for those of you who don't, its the name of the shop!)
A secret parcel arrived today, so now I will be starting my secret project, I am very excited!
Getting as much sleep as possble just now - am up for early Sunday service on Tower Hill, where we'll be rolling our eggs down (hard-boiled free-range of course!) Happy Easter!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Loose Woman!

I am officially a loose woman! Cast on 60 stitches on 3.25mm needles using Artesano alpaca Hummingbird sock yarn, and I could have had a Feet sock!
So what to do - FROG! Then using 4mm needles (yep you read that right, 4mm as in BIGGER needles) cast on 48 stitches, and guess what ? Fits perfect! Well may be a bit roomy once there being worn, but they are slouch socks!
Was at the Tramway today, and it was a lovely afternoon eating, chatting, knitting and SPINNING! Well not me (yet) , but the talented India had brought her spinning wheel . She'd also bought the fibre she had dyed using coffee beans, and some other beautiful blue/purple/green variegated fibre - they were both lovely, can't wait to see them spun. Next to India was Thea who finished her hat, and was able to wear it home. Maggie was knitting a camisole of her own design in a vintage man-made fibre, Fiona started a lovely wrap in the Twilleys Freedom Yarn, and Nan was knitting something very summery looking in a pink tape yarn (Thank you Nan for the Shade card - order coming your way soon!).
I made headway into my lacy cropped cardi AFTER frogging the sock, whilst Nicola was swatching a gorgeous shade of Artesano Alpaca inca mist yarn. I think she was going to design a sweater. Gloria looked like she was knitting teddies in a fun yarn, the was helped by Maggie to wind a skein of the Colinette Lasso yarn. Then she started a pattern from Simply Knitting magazine for a little camisole top. Ella, resident crocheter, was KNITTING, socks in the Artesano Humminbird yarn - it looked great, and the colours were a lovely orangey/red variegation. Phew - hope I remembered everyone. No photos' today - forgot my camera, might have some to show progress on my socks.