Monday, 5 November 2007

Ode to Autumn

The weather is still quite mild for Autumn, there have been no good frosts here yet. Visiting Finlaystone Estate on Saturday , the Woods were full of midges having a final ball before winter. They even drove the kids away from the Wooden play areas, which is a first. The colours of autumn are in full swing now, all the trees around are different shades of red , gold and brown , and they compliment the red and blond sandstone tenements and houses. Even my modern little box of a house looks good in Autumn, when the Cherry Blosssom tree leaves turn red.
My bright orange Halloween pumpkin is sitting in my kitchen window looking quite majestic - pity its one of the tasteless ones grown for size over taste. So today I bought winter squash to make soup. I have never tried it before, so I'll want to get a good recipe that uses it to its best. Any ideas ?
And now, I'm going to try to order my yarn from K1yarns - yet another Christmas project .

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JudyMac said...

I love butternut squash soup. It is very similar in taste to winter squash. A good recipe is here,