Friday, 9 November 2007

And the Hosts of the 2014 Commonwealth Games are...

Glasgow ! Hurray !
Radio Clyde is having a party at the Fruitmarket in Glasgow - although they started early this morning before the announcement. My husband called me at lunchtime to say Glasgow had won the right to host the games.
I'm thinking of getting Junior jnr in training now for the long jump, 100/200/400/8000m sprint, or if he's a bit naughty, the High Jump! He is practising this as I write!
Its been very cold , wet and windy of late, the mild Autumn weather has turned. One of the things about living close to the sea , is the strength of the wind when it gets a bit stormy. A whole section of the main road was closed , due to some tiling being blown off a roof, and this caused major traffic jams. When we all headed to Cafe Flava for our evenings' knitting, we were almost blown away by the gusts, but it did eventually calm down a little.
The "prize draw" yarn from Simply Knitting magazine finally arrived, 25 balls of gorgeous Bergere de France yarn. There were 5 balls of each type , so we did the British thing of " Oh no, *insert name* , I INSIST you have it (while stabbing each other in the back! lol). Only kidding. We all had a look, chatted a bit , had another wee feel, chatted a bit, flicked through books, before splitting up the yarn quite calmly.
Because the REAL yarn scramble will no doubt happen tomorrow - now I'm off to work out my battle plan for the market at SnB day!

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