Tuesday, 13 November 2007

How to avoid shops at Christmas

unless they are yarn related!
Have been going through my stash and also my One Skein Wonder book/ Rowan books, in an attempt to make some Christmas gifts to avoid visiting soulless shops for cheap unethical gifts. Also thought about using Oxfam unwrapped too , its quite fun buying someone you love a goat , or a classroom! Anyway I now have a list, and the yarn laid out, and various ideas noted down. Of course, I had to get just one or two more wee skeins....
So I visited K1yarns - there is some gorgeous Tait and Style yarn from Orkney , some beautiful Colinette Iona (Wool, alpaca , silk mix) and the ever gorgeous auracunia yarn from Argentina/Chile .
DH sweater is knit 15 rows , rip out 12 due to mistake I couldn't see due to colour (charcoal black!) , but is progressing nonetheless. It WILL be finished by Christmas
My friend Karen sent on an email from a lady who is looking to write a Sit-com about Knitters (do for knitting what Vicar of Dibley did for female Vicars) , oh there is so much material we could provide , but more about that later .
Thank you Judy about your comments , on the Sausage Stew - I don't add beans , but may try that as it sounds delicious .
Well its supposed to be frosty here tomorrow , and its feeling very chilly just now, perfect knitting weather in fact . Let it snow , let it snow , let it snow!

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