Thursday, 22 November 2007

A bit of a Blunder , Darling!

Well I finished the back of DH sweater, measured it against him, fits well , then started the front. Did I read the pattern , no of course not , I had looked at it previously and thought I knew what I was doing. Well I didn't, so I had to rip and evenings' worth of knitting ALL the way back to the second row - ouch!
The great thing about knitting is that mistakes can be made and sorted over a day. Today, I made much better progress , keeping to the pattern.
Perhaps if those responsible for the Child Benefits fiasco knitted , things would have been sorted before they escalated into chaos and terror. Twenty Five million people (including the Prime Minister , and Leader of the opposition!) have their personal details burned onto two MISSING discs'. Our life literally in their hands. As if fraud and virtual fraud is increasing enough already , the fraudsters have been handed and early Christmas present.
Quite frankly , its a bit of a blunder, MR Darling!
I am "fit to burst" with anger .
Still , a nice cup of tea and Satsuma (chocolate eaten first!) to help calm me down . And some more knitting later .

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