Thursday, 29 April 2010

Too many projects....too little time!

I know I am not alone in this habit......Knitting Startitis! So many gorgeous yarns , beautiful patterns , dreams and wishlists . I have several projects sitting waiting patiently to start , and yet I buy more yarn and start a new project .
Or I buy yarn to start a project and it sits languishing in the stash cupboard , its only solace being that I go in to stroke the yarn now and again .
And I am at it again , but when you see this yarn , you will appreciate why !
I just happened to be perusing the Old Maiden Aunt website , and saw it , and instantly fell in love with it!
And look , there is only one of it , so I just had to buy it , there and then. The waiting for it to arrive in the post was excruciating! But I survived. It was worth the wait. As soon as I ripped open the parcel , I had it on the swift and wound into a wee cake of yarn . Its for a special project you see .
Our local Knitting group at Once a Sheep is having an Ishbel Knitalong . This will be the fourth Ishbel shawl , can you tell I really like this pattern? I had considered knitting on in laceweight , but this yarn only came in sportweight , so sportweight it it . Cast on starts tonight at 8pm!
And here are my new knitpro needles that I'll be using . I am already using the needles for (yet another) project , but as it is an interchangeable set , I have plenty cables and tips for other projects .
As this yarn is sportweight , I think I will start on a 5mm needles , then go up to a 6mm to make the lace extra lacy and curvy .
Hope my good pal Kimmie doesn't mind , but here is her Ishbel that I gave her just a wee help with - isn't the yarn gorgeous, the colours are magnificent .
And it looks fabulous on Kimmie!
Here is another of my talented pals - Eileen showing off her first spindle spun and plied yarn , using corriedale fibre . Just lovely , she has since knitted it into a sock project bag , very apt since she has a sock addict at present!
Right , I am off to get ready for Knitting group .

Monday, 26 April 2010

Joy of Socks !

I got the opportunity to pass on my love of knitting socks the other day , teaching 4 willing students about the Joy of Socks!
I had written out a pattern for a mini sock , but mini socks and normal size double pointed needles can be rather awkward , dpns being awkward enough when knitting normal size socks. Its all about the positioning of the hands and needles , and coordinating it with the position of the yarn and stitches . Once everyone got the hang of it , they looked liked they had been knitting socks for a long time . And for the completely new knitters , to take on a sock when they have just learned to cast on , knit , purl and cast off is achievement indeed .
Miranda mastering the dpns , whilst turning the heel!
Karen , who has just (re) learned to knit is determined to make a sock before anything else!
Rosamund's intense concentration pays off as she finishes her sock with a neat Kitchener stitch .
Sue takes a liking to the knitpro dpns , and look no ladders in her neat stripey sock !
Knitting socks can be addictive , they are so portable and great for (almost) instant gratification , as a simple sock takes no time at all.
I decided to jump in the deep end and try two at a time socks on circular needles . It is reasonably quick , but I think the gusset make have confused me somewhat !I love this Opal self striping/patterning yarn , its so bright colourful and interesting. This is a Harry Potter colourway called Tonks!
I think that I may need a tutorial on two at a time socks to get me round the gusset and on to the foot!
Oh , nearly forgot - look at this gorgeous sock yarn (available at Once a Sheep), 70/30 wool/nylon . A wee thank you gift from Kimmie for giving her a wee help with her Ishbel shawl. This yarn is almost too good to use for socks!
But if I were knitting it into socks , I think it would need to be a pattern from this gorgeous book - Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks .
I do love the snippets of history behind each sock pattern - they are all adapted from Weldons Practical needlework pamphlets from the late 19th early 20th century. But more of them later!