Friday, 16 November 2007

Strip for Scotland and Bear all!

November is THE big charity month , if its not Radio Clydes' , "Cash for Kids" its the BBCs' Children in Need with its mascot Pudsey Bear.
On the way to school we listen to Radio Clyde , and they have the Strip for Scotland to raise money for Cash for Kids - its not really what it sounds like , its WEARING the Scotland football STRIP today , in anticipation of the Scotland/Italy game at Hampden Park tomorrow . Our wee school is having a Children in Need day , so everything is Yellow, and they take their bears to school. Junior jnr also got his face painted like Pudsey Bear , when at Nursery this morning .
My face is not painted yellow - I just look like that ! lol
Was window shopping in some of the local Arts/Craft shops this morning - so many beautiful handmade things , the jewelry in particular was lovely . Last night at Flavaknits , my friend Gayle brought me some lovely handmade soap from the Scouts Christmas fete .It is made by a local teacher , and the scent , which is lime and lemongrass, is absolutely gorgeous. She also gave me some beautiful cards, the paintings on them are by her friend , another talented teacher, who has her own little company - Art Card Co
The picture really doesn't do them justice , they are so lovely and the detail in the designs are wonderful. I also noticed that the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, is selling Handmade gifts, showcasing local talent , persuading folk to buy the individual over the mass produced .
And now back to the serious business of making Christmas gifts myself - if only I wasn't so distracted .


JudyMac said...

I totally agree about the handmade gifts, they are always so much better.
Have you browsed Etsy? They have a handmade policy.

tash said...

I love this idea of making/ buying handmade at Christmas - it takes Christmas-giving back to how it would've been; artisan gifts made with love.

Sorry to hear about Scotland losing their match at the weekend, but well done for everyone taking up the cause. We watched a bit of Children in Need (usually watched fervently but I had a very early get-up the next morning).

Have a lovely week, and enjoy making presents!