Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Happy St Andrews Day!

Due to the lack of frivolity and celebrations , it would appear that St Andrew was a very dour Presbyterian Saint! And having a Saints Day JUST before the first day of Advent means there is so much else going on (and I still managed to forget the Advent Calendars!)
However , the children did make St Andrews Day cards at school , and the local bakers had iced cakes with mini-Saltires on them!
The other week , I was having a wee rummage in the local Charity shop and got myself a few bargains .
One , was Christmas Cards with Tartan Reindeer on them.
Two was a lovely silk red dress .
And three , was the above knitting kit - it is a lambswool angora mix yarn , simply divine .
I didn't know the Isle of Bute ( a short ferry ride from here) had an Angora Farm , nor had I heard of the designer Carol Bentzen . The pattern is for handknitting OR machine knitting , and there are the machine knit cards too .
The design is very 1980's , cream batwing sweater with coloured asymmetric pattern on it , and included the teazle brush to fluff it up as well as pads for the shoulders. Very Dynasty!
I don't think I will knit up this pattern and may use the yarn for something else .
Just now I will admire it , give it a wee stroke when no one is looking.
And, since St Andrew was a fisherman , tonight we are having a very traditional meal - Cottage Pie ! (Well I reckon he needed a break from all that fish!)
Happy St Andrews Day to you all !

Monday, 29 November 2010

Footprints in the Snow

Spent the weekend in East Kilbride where snow in winter is such a common occurrence they stopped talking about it years ago! And it was proper snow , not slushy or wet or crunchy and icy , but powdery fine and lying thickly.
Even Gourock got a good covering , and someone just had to walk over the untouched snow in our front garden in his wellies!
Poor DH is stranded at Southhampton Airport just now , not sure how and when he'll get back - bbbrrrrr !
Last week was lovely and NOT snowy , and there was the monthly meeting of the Clyde Coast Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild , headed up by our own Kimmie !
It was held in the Angies lovely home this time , and we couldn't wait to get the official business over .
Yes , Rosies weaving is lovely and coming on a treat , but that wasn't the reason we scooted through the agenda at breakneck speed!
THIS was the reason , Angie's gorgeous home baked Chocolate cake , my teeth are still tingling with the thought of it !
On the knitting front , my New England Knits sweater is coming on a treat , and I have started something else . Lets just say , Intarsia is easier if you cut and join !

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Days like today .....

Grey, dreich, wet, windy, cold, just plain miserable!
I'm glad I have my beautiful sweater!
Had my nice light sweater on earlier , but need something cosier!
Waiting for Gas man to check my fire , so can't put it on yet , at least I have some cosy knitting to do ( as well as wear!)
Time for tea !

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Scones ...... gone!

Have been feeling gradually better these last few days , so much so I decided to try and bake scones AND cook a pork joint in my new slow cooker (courtesy of my mother , after a very BAD roast beef incident at our house!)
As usual I only made enough mix for about 8 small scones , but I wanted to make sure I didn't waste too much stuff if they turned out bad. !?!
Since I was keeping an eye on my friends wee boy , I had three hungry tums to fill , but I managed to make 9 scones , so it was 2 a piece and one leftover....... it went missing so my pal had to do with some bought cookies instead!
And the pork - not too dry , and kept "shredding" when I tried to cut it. Still tasted good.
Maybe try pancakes tomorrow!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Broken Pieces

DS2 has just broken a beautiful Royal Doulton figurine given to me by my sister - Its was all white and was two wee girls , one slightly taller than the other and it was called ...... sisters . I tried not to explode , but felt very depressed throwing it in the bin .... sigh!
He was very contrite , the wee soul , but Mummy needs to be in a different room just now .
Twas a lovely crisp morning , this morning , however there were several road accidents due to folk not realising how slippy it was , one appeared to be quite bad . And now the rain is back .
Mondays eh ?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

At the setting of the Sun...

Today is Remembrance Sunday , so there was the familiar parade to the local cenotaph and the laying of the wreaths . Fine words were spoken and there was an air of respect as the winter sun shone bright and low.
Children chattered through the silence , some people drank take-out coffee to keep warm , and traffic was stopped for a time .
People remembered .
At Sunday school , the children made Poppy pictures then had some juice and a biscuit . Two wee ones didn't like the biscuits on offer so off I went to get a substitute , when I returned to give them their biscuits, one wee boy turned to me and , covered in crumbs, announced "I never had a biscuit , can I get one ?" . Trying hard not to laugh I brushed the crumbs from his sweater and said " Sweetie , if you are going to fib , hide the evidence first! Nice try , but NO."
Had our Craft Fair in Gourock yesterday , was a lovely day , but unfortunately my anti-b's were making me feel bad! And I only made one sale! I guess Knitting bags are not really seasonal gifts , not in Gourock anyway .
Our Kimmie was the star of the show through selling gorgeous hats ,scarves and mitts . Have to give credit to her DH for his help with knitting and sewing tags - another star.
So guess what I 'll be giving as Christmas gifts ! I'm sure my Dad will be delighted to take up sock knitting, if I give him this bag! Hehehe!
Ah , maybe I'll give it to my sister instead - then she can get her book back!
Right , off to continue on my green sweater , coming on a treat!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Very Windy

It is very windy tonight! Nearly got blown away taking DS1 to his cubs .
And living up a hill at the Firth of a river , opposite two lochs is very noisy when it is windy . Sigh , hopefully will manage to sleep tonight anyway.
Tooth on the mend slowly anti-b's beginning to work now thank goodness . And I managed to finish a large tote bag today one with sheep all over it. Will take it to Knit night tonight to see what folk think. Used the Yew button that I bought at Drumlanrig Castle during the summer , the Yew wood came from the trees in the grounds.
Here are the other totes I made for the Craft Fair .
Self-lined !
Used some vintage resin buttons I had in my button tin and some vintage velvet ribbon to fasten them. I just love hat sheep fabric , pity I can't get anymore , sigh!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

TBJ Finished at last

Very bad Macbook photo of my Pagan sweater , christened TBJ after a good pal told me to" just finish That B****Y Jumper ! " as I was taking so long to knit it . Note the cheeky wee face trying to peek in.
So I have! Finished it!
Still think its a bit tight , but comfy and have been wearing it all day.
Tooth a wee bit better , but still feel lousy. Early night for kids and probably me too.
Oh yes , have started another aran- weight-knit-in-the-round plain sweater from New England Knits (the one on the front!) - using Rowan Pure Wool Aran in a green shade called Sage . Loving it!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Craft Fair draws near!

As I sit and write this the side of my face is literally "louping" - in severe pain .
This is not a good time for me to be ill , Craft Fair is Saturday and I am now panicking I do not have enough/will not sell anything!
The dentist has put me on anti-b's for a week , to see if its just and infection and not anything more serious , I wish painkillers had been part of that prescription (am such a wimp I know!)
There is a local Craft Fair in Gourock on Saturday 13th November in the Gamble Halls on Shore Street , and the quality of the goods for sale is looking good . We have a knitting stall selling knitting kits , knitting project bags (me) and knitted goods (hats scarfs etc.) I will try not to spend more than I earn , hopefully! Come along if you can , it will be good fun , and its not far from the Train Station.
Am almost finished my chunky sweater which is knitted in Rowan Country Yarn , and the pattern is called Pagan - by Kim Hargreaves in her Amber book.
I am also desperate to cast on my Valentina Coat from Rowan Magazine 48 (scroll right and click on the picture, its much clearer here!) , an early Christmas gift from DH , but I want to be able to focus on it properly so it will have to wait - I just keep petting the yarn every now and then!
Better get back to making my bags - maybe get a cuppa first and see if this pain calms a bit!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Its the 5th! Yikes!

My ability to post every day in November has faltered at the starting post - mainly due to DS1 being ill and me being unable to get my finger out !
I am also panicking ever so slightly about getting all my bags done in time for the craft fair , and am still designing some new ones too. I say designing , what I really mean is playing about with material etc. trying to get something I like!
And the camera went missing - found under the car seat ?? eventually .
Here are some of the kiddies beanies I knit for the Blythswood Trust , modeled by the ever talented DS2 .
"Who says boys can't wear pink ? I DID!"
DS1 pointing out hat on DS2's head - Its here !
And here we are trying the "hulk" look - don't make me angry......I look good angry anyway!!
In between making my bags, knitting beanies and generally trying to avoid Housework (except cooking , still love to cook) , I have been knitting a few wee socks for a friend! To hang in her studio! The yarn is remnants of her hand-dyed sock and sportweight yarn , Ysolda colourway (discontinued) , Gothic and Sour (I think discontinued?) .
They will be winging there way to the Old Maiden Aunt Studio very soon .
Right - back to those bags!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Its November.....and the weather is miserable

It started off quite cold but pleasant this morning , which was good as I had to take a sickly DS1 along with me while I dropped off his younger brother at school. A nourishing hot chocolate later and a wee trip to the Charity shop took a lot out of him so back home to curl up on the sofa, while I got on with the house work. All too soon I realised we needed the lights on in the house , and then I looked out and saw the darkening sky and the first drops of rain.... then it became torrential!
And it hasn't stopped all afternoon!
Took DS1 to Doctors who promptly prescribed a course of anti-b's , lots of liquid and rest .
Still , his appetite is still good , you know what they say, "feed a cold and starve a fever" .
On the knitting front , managed to knit a couple of kids beanies for the Blythswood shoebox appeal , and got DS2 to model them. Unfortunately we have since misplaced the camera so will post photo's at a later date . I will say though that he did look fetching in the deep pink hat (pink is his most hated colour!) .
Have been making some wee sock project bags and knitting totes to sell at the local craft fair , which takes place in the Gamble Halls in Gourock on November 13th . I have never done a craft fair before so this should be interesting and hopefully fun . I think I may also knit some kids beanies , as Kimmie has been knitting up some gorgeous adult hats and beanies to sell , and I just know they will sell very quickly .
To cheer November up I am going to make a post every day for a month. Its a busy month , so at least most of the posts will be interesting !
If you like to crochet , here is a link to a crochet Poppy pattern , all money goes to the Poppy Appeal , appropriate since Remembrance Day is in November , Remembrance Sunday being 14th . If you are not on the knitting website Ravelry , its worthwhile signing up as it contains a wealth of knitting and crocheting patterns (some free) as well as other related information AND it doesn't cost anything .The above pattern is only £1 .
Off to make dinner now , and then perhaps get on with sewing up some more totes!