Monday, 19 November 2007

Boom Boom !

While DH was in a state of despair after Scotland losing to Italy on Saturday (thank you Tash for your kind commiserations!) , my two wee rascals were watching an old favourite on Kids TV - Basil Brush - the fox puppet and his friends. Junior jnr says Boom Boom (Basils' catchphrase) as soon as he sees Basil Brush now, but I'm not sure he really understands the programme (meant for Big Brothers age group) , as Basil now lives with a (young) adult and two older children. Actually , I'm not sure I understand it either .
Still working away on DHs' sweater , although am knitting up some smaller gifts in between . One of the smaller gifts requires felting, which I've not done before - it will either turn out fine, or as a gift for a small doll.
Had a fun afternoon at Tramway knitting group yesterday afternoon . Julia had her Argyll scarf (still under construction) with her , the one from Debbie Stollers new book for men(son od Stitch 'n Bitch) . It is being knitted in Organic cotton (from Banyan Tree Yarns ) , and I must say , it is looking great .
There was a new face (whose name I never caught , because I'm terrible with names ) and Nicola of the multi-coloured hair fame joined us again. I'm takine the knitting group time to continue knitting for ME , and the other spare time for the Christmas presents.
And now for some pancake making with junior jnr - or rather I make it and he eats it !

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yvette said...

My boys were a little upset at the score on Saturday too.
I am making a coat, I don't have the new Debbie Stoller book, is it any good?