Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Some Knitterly Gifts!

As well as having a wonderful time at One Devonshire Gardens , I was also thoroughly spoiled in the gift dept.
And this being mainly a knitting blog , I will show some lovely knitting related gifts first!
A wee while ago , one of my very kind knitterly pals taught me to spin. Now I was not a natural , but I tried to keep up a little spindle spinning , until I got a lovely wheel of my own , but by that time , the confidence had sunk! So when my kind knitterly pal sent me a gift token for my birthday , I decided to use it for this book - a little refresher course , thats already boosting up my confidence .
I've been getting into the sock knitting again , and there is lots of gorgeous sock yarn out there - like this one from Arauncunia ! Another very kind knitterly pal gave me this gift along with the very gorgeous Langs wooden sock needles . Can't wait to knit this yarn up!
Oh yes! A little Harris Tweed brightens the day , especially if its in the form of a bag! A gift from my kind Knitterly Sister (still haven't finished the Cropped Noro Cardi for her , shame on me!)
On comments
Thank you for all the recent kind comments - I still haven't worked out how to email those who comment directly to say how much I appreciate , its something I will try and work at some point.
It is lovely to get comments , its like getting some nice unexpected cards through the post . And I always think its nice to let folk know that it is appreciated . (I guess its the mother in me! lol)
Anyway , here is another gratuitous photo of One Devonshire!
There is a beautiful Art Noveau style Stained glass window through that door - ah!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Forty and Fabulous!

It was my birthday yesterday , but I just didn't feel like posting. After the nice start to the day , the weather went wild and depressing , and I just wanted to hide back under the duvet!
But I didn't!
Instead I had lots of lovely gifts and cards to open , I went out to lunch , and had a lovely relaxing day! I was truly spoiled...
As I had been during my wonderful weekend at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow. One Devonshire is a Glasgow institution , and the name is synonymous with luxury. It was the ONLY thing I had wanted to do for my 40th birthday , was to stay over and eat there ...... and it didn't disappoint;-)
A bed the size of a room , a bath the size of a small ship , and towels so thick you could drown in them.
Then the food - oh the food, I still have dreams about the plate of small deserts with its souffle , creme brulee , chocolate siphon ..... , And I nearly forgot about the Champagne , Bollinger 2000 ! Joked with DH that he could now call me Bolli Knickers , as DCI Gene Hunt calls DCI Drake in Ashes to Ashes lol .
It was truly a fabulous way to spend my 40th Birthday , and I would recommend it to anyone (just prepare your credit card for the shock).
Will make a fuller post with photo's later , as I got some lovely Knitty gifts too!

Monday, 18 February 2008

Zippity Do Da Zippity Day!

Blogger is not working too well this evening , this may be a short (non) post!
Have a lovely mid-term holiday visiting friends in Inverness , and the weather was good. Spent a pleasant day at Nairn Beach (oh how I love Nairn beach!) , the boys all playing with the odd piece of Driftwood or ten - and they were big!
Took my Megaboots socks with me to try and finish them (nope didn't happen) , but my Godson did show an interest in Knitting - apparently there is a Cub Scout badge for knitting!
Well the unfinished projects are lining up now , apart from the socks there is the Cocoon Cardi , Astrakhan Shrug for a three year old , oh , and the Noro crop Cardi , which needs to be finished for February 25th. Hasn't got a chance!
And to add to the pressure , Son number one wants his new socks NOW , as the Yarn arrived the other day. Its a Harry Potter inspired colourway called Fawkes the Phoenix , and we are very excited about it (well he is , I'm just stressed!)It is a lovely sock yarn from Dani at Sunshine Yarns , and I think I will enjoy knitting with it , especially as it is child size socks.
On the Harry Potter theme , my Charmed Knits arrived from amazon today , I'd seen mixed reviews , but on the whole it seems a nice book. I particularly like Mrs Weasleys' Knitting Bag , and the Invisibility Shawl. I'm also hoping it might persuade Junior to wear a handknitted sweater or scarf. One lives in hope!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Here comes the Sun!

At last!
Today we have crisp blue skies , a few white fluffy clouds , a calm and serene looking river , with hills covered in various hues of green ! Its cold,bright and snuggly knits weather. ( Thank You India;-) )
I am reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to Junior just now, and I love the fact there is knitting in it! Hermione is knitting for the House Elves , and is improving so much that you can tell the difference between the socks and hats lol. The girl sensibly bewitches her needles to knit for her , to up the production of knitted garments . And they missed this bit out of the film , how could they ?
I wish I could bewitch my needles to go faster on my socks - I would love to have lots of knitted socks ,alas I'm only on my second pair . And all that beautiful sock yarn out there. I have ordered a Harry Potter inspired sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns , and I'm hoping to get two junior sized pairs out of it (its not cheap , but oh so gorgeous) . I first noticed these beautiful yarns on Poshyarns blog , such wonderful colours , if I had an infinite supply of money , I'd order the lot!
Had a lovely afternoon on Sunday at the TramwayKnits Group , a few of us , ahem, ladies are reaching a certain age of maturity. Gloria is having her celebration first , then myself , and then Lynette (if anyone else is , they've kept mum!) Nan , or YP to give her nickname, very kindly presented us with a gift to be opened on the dates (oh you tease , I have 3 weeks to wait). Thankfully the refurbishment on the Tramway is almost complete , so hopefully next time we'll be meeting in the new , super, duper Cafe !
I'm off to persue my new Rowan Magazine that finally arrived today - its nice , but not as exciting as I had hoped , someone mentioned that perhaps they are saving up the big WOW for their 30th anniversary edition in the autumn .
Just checking outside , yep Suns' still there!