Thursday, 15 November 2007

Chain Reaction

Being a rational sort of person I am not really superstitious, I have nothing against it per se, but it never made sense to me , I mean who REALLY benefits from these things . One of the more twisted types of superstition is those connected to Chain letters - i.e. wealth and happiness are yours if you send this on to everyone in the world, otherwise you'll be a miserable woe begotten person forever , you know the sort of rubbish.
Sometimes these chain letters (or emails) look like innocent "oh this is just a bit of a laugh , but pass it on to 25 people anyway" kind of thing. And its really hard when friends send these, thinking that they are passing on a bit of fun etc. , to get annoyed. But the thing is, when they send these emails , my spam folder fills up . So I guess the people who benefit from these emails are....the spammers.
I was particularly upset the other day when I received a no-holds bar chain email. It basically said if it wasn't passed on, terrible things would happen. I was upset because it was from a pal , who obviously hadn't read it through, or I'm sure she wouldn't have sent it . I did to it what any self respecting Cyberman would do . DELETE DELETE DELETE!!! Anyone else send me a chain email, I'll be sending the Cybermen over - You have been warned.
Here is a wee peek at DHs' sweater - black is not the easiest shade to knit with , but its doing great .
Was over at Kerries' (Hipknits) blog the other day , and found this , which encourages people to make the Handmade pledge, that is buy handmade or make yourself I suppose. Now, I will be making many of my gifts this year, and not all of them will be handmade, but about 75% is what I'm aiming for . There are a few local jewelry shops which stock handmade jewelry , which is great , the rest will be knit or ordered from Oxfam unwrapped , (with exception of toys - but then Santa Claus sees to those, and I'm sure they are handmade by the elves!)
And I have all my lovely yarn to keep me happy while I am knitting - can't show it just yet.
Oh , and before I forget - Happy Birthday Shirley, don't look a day over 21 !


tash said...

Oh don't tell me about chain letters - I had one from my Mother-in-law yesterday and it said that "If you delete this after you read it . you will have 1 year of bad luck!" which upset me (not there is much love between the two of us, but still...) because she obviously holds some kind of stock in them.

Having said that I am a rather superstitious person, I salute single magpies and say "good morning Mr. Magpie" and when it comes to making Christmas cakes I have to be in the right frame of mind and also thinking positive thoughts. As for walking under ladders, if my mother told me not to do it, I would do it... But that's just me!

Love the sneak-peek, my mother cried when she knitted a jumper in navy-blue chenille, it was a really intricate job, and she swears it nearly ruined her eyesight! And it shed everywhere...!

Midsummer night's knitter said...

Yep _ I do the same. I get quite a lot of these things but all I ever do is hit 'delete' as soon as I realise it 'meant' to be forwarded. At that point I simply don't read any further.