Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A toast to the lasses!

There was a discussion on Radio Scotland this morning about "all male" Burns Suppers - Don't think Burns would approve , "he was ower fond o' the lasses !"
I like the mystery surrounding this lass !

(Taken from epistle to Mrs Scott)
"...the gust of joy , the balm of woe "
"the saul of life , the heaven below ... is rapture-giving women"

Happy Burns Night

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Everything feels a little slow just now , including me .
Slowly knitting DS1's sweater and hat , slowly knitting me socks .
Slowly sorting the house - or trying to get hold of tradesfolk to sort our disintegrating roof! Slowly painting the downstairs WC .
Slowly getting back to cooking proper meals ..... well! All I cook just now seems to taste bland .
Its just that time of year , my body is saying hibernate , but life is saying kick it up a gear .
Maybe its all to do with mt DNA !
Tonight though , is a bath , bed and a good book!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Some photo's

A photo of the kids on Christmas morning - lots of wrapping paper too!

My MIL , delighted with her new knitted jacket - pattern from Debbie Bliss Riva magazine .

Yarn newly plied and off the niddy-noddy , some lovely merino/tencel from Feltstudio , plied with a deep blue corriedale from Ashford .

Yarn twisted into two skeins , approx 50g each!

Now back to the WIPS!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

And a Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to you All ! Here's to You and Yours,  Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2012 (Or a decent cup of tea and five minutes peace!)
Not only am I getting bad at blogging , my camera skills have gone too ! The jacket for my MIL was finished 3 days after Christmas , but she was delighted with the final result . Photo's to follow soon .  A little teddy I had knitted (and forgot to photograph) , was received with great delight too .
I should probably start my Christmas knitting now , but there is so much else I want to knit this year .
Socks ! And lots of them ! For Me , and maybe some others .
Sweaters for the Children (one on the go just now , stripey number from Debbie Bliss 9 to 5 book , its gorgeous but will DS1 think so ?)
Colourwork - can I revive the floral colourwork coat I started LAST January , progress so far 3 inches!
Sweaters for ME - need to resurrect Arisaig , progress so far 4 inches!
And the Kiddyprint sweater definitely needs resurrected and finished , after 6 years!
Spinning ! The Guilds Challenge this year is called Clyde Coast , a piece (or pieces) hand dyed / hand - spun / woven / knitted / crocheted , and to represent the Clyde Coast . Mmmmm.
OK , no more ! (exclamation marks)
It will be a busy year this year , knitting apart . DH will be looking for a new job mid year , as his present one will finish 6 months earlier than anticipated . DS1 is starting Secondary School in August , so there will be two school runs to negotiate . And after the storms there is some work to be done outside and inside the house .
I also want to get back into reading blogs too - some I have missed as the owner(s) have been out of blogland for a while . I will update my blog reading list in the side bar too . And I will need to tidy up the layout of this blog .
I just hope I have energy for it all .

Oh , and the Walnut Tree decoration ? It has a lovely glass pebble inside , reflecting all the colours of the rainbow . Its all away in the decorations box now with the Angel , such a lovely addition to our Christmas tradition. It will come out again at Advent this year .