Monday, 23 February 2009

Slow and Steady wins the race...

I think I have a major case of startitis just now, coupled with the fact I'm going at tortoise speed with my knitting!
Still I'm making a little progress on my Slant Cable top. The RYC Baby Alpaca is lovely to knit with , and I'll be looking for more of this for another project later on in the year .
Its not as easy to see the cables in the darker yarn , unlike the models golden coloured bamboo version , but they give a lovely shape to the sweater .
I am still on course to do a pair of socks a month , however I can see quite a few plain socks being knitted to ensure I keep to my timetable! I have also signed up to a Cookie A Sock knit along - after finishing my Marlenes, I will be attempting the Baudelaire pattern which is a toe up lace pattern - ooohh, bit challenging, but I'm determined to try out new things this year .
The new Cookie A book is out in April , and the preview of the patterns looks amazing .
Here is my first unblocked Marlene , pattern by Cookie A in Knit.1 Winter 2008 , and the yarn is Old Maiden Aunt Superwash sock yarn in Gothic Colourway .
And here are my finally finished unblocked plain socks in Natural Dye Studio alpaca silk blend, so comfy!
Here is Marlene on a real live foot! (Mine naturally!)
And my NDS pair on real live feet (again my own!)
And remember my trip to Liliths last week? Well here is my purchase, soon to be spun into extra fine yarn!
Its a short and sweet update - trying to spend more time knitting and less on the computer. Will have another post tomorrow where I will expand on Heathers Tag game!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

At the Toe now!

Finally at the toe of my first Marlene sock - was almost finished last night doesn't look right....froggit froggit !
Pattern is Marlene by Cookie A (see , some lovely free patterns there by Cookie A) , in the Knit 1 magazine Winter 2008 , yarn is Old Maiden Aunt Sock yarn in superwash merino, colourway Gothic , fabulous!
Might get to start sock number 2 tomorrow - all excited!
Have signed up to a Cookie A pattern Knitalong - going to do a toe up pattern and challenge myself , better get a move on, they have to be finished by March 31st (2009? , may need to check that! ,lol)
Visited the lovely Liliths studio yesterday - it was a bit of a cheer up for Mum and I . Had a lovely visual/tactile feast..... lets just say I'm looking forward to Yarn Forward Magazine next month!
Did I buy ? Mmmm , wait and see , off to cook dinner now .

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Brief Interlude

It appears I am too tired in the evening to make progress with my knitting just now , and I guess that applies to my blogging too . The new Rowan magazine arrived and I had yet another distraction, it is a lovely one with lots in it I'd like to knit , but perhaps NOT in 4-ply as many of the patterns require . The colours are just gorgeous , lots of pastels but also lots of strong jewel like colours, and some new yarns , the latest being Lenpur , a linen type yarn with a lovely drape .
Talking of gorgeous colours - her are some of my more recent yarns! The lovely pink/purple/orange yarn is my "win" from Heathers blog quiz - its Lorna's Laces and the colourway is called "Get knitted" ! The other wildly wacky brightly coloured yarn is from Sunshine Yarns - its called Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes !
Here is a close up! The weather just now is cold and bright - its so lovely to see blue sky and sun , even though it is very cold , so I took the opportunity to take some photo's , and hopefully get a good representation of the colours.
I've also been mixing my yarns and patterns..... a winter yarn with a summer pattern. This is my slant cable sweater from the Summer Vogue Knitting , using the RYC Baby alpaca DK in colourway Zinc. The yarn is beautiful to knit with , but I wasn't sure how well it would look with the pattern , a structured cable that travels across the sweater to the neckline .
I guess I can always frog it if it doesn't turn out!
What am I saying ? Have I gone mad ?
It should all work out in the blocking.....frogging is only for serious mistakes!
Well , it being winter we got some more snow , and boys being children had lots of fun out in it... Snowball fights and (mini) Snowmen building activities . And the upside is that they always sleep well after being out in the snow .
Apparently the school had a Snowman building competition yesterday - prize winners to be announced today . Hope they publish the photo's , as it sounded lots of fun , according to DS2!
Alas , the snow is melting , so the Snowmen will soon be no more - all together now ...... "We're walking on the air!".....

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow Business ...

So! there have been major snowfalls all over the country (or was it just London) , and apparently this has disrupted our Credit crunch economy to the tune of ...£?? billion/million ( add figure , ,circle required word).
How dare the snow interrupt our free-falling economy! Indeed!
Londoners were "forced" to take the day off work - got an hysterically happy text from friend in London who said she got a cheeky day off work! That will be thanks to the low council taxes/no services whatsoever available there , which meant that roads weren't cleared or gritted , neither were railway lines , and the tubes were frozen .
And here in the windy cold West of Scotland? A pitiful dusting that would make a Victoria sponge look bare!
Still there is always East Kilbride - ten feet of snow there when everywhere else has a bit of frost!
All this winter business has caused me to eye up some of my lovely yarn. Yes, I know I have lots on the needles, but sometimes you just need that something else! Something warm , soft and fuzzy ! Something that makes you feel warm, soft and fuzzy .
Like baby alpaca and a Vogue Knitting pattern from Summer 2008!
Its a slanted cables sweater , short sleeved and quite fitted. *Sigh* Its perfect and just lovely.
The pattern is probably not the best written, so I will need to refer to the pictures a lot while knitting the slanted cables , or perhaps make a graph. There are lots of "do this for ten rows and AT THE SAME TIME , so this every alternate 27th row for eight times"....... mmmmm , quite! Its still lovely though.
Talking of lovely , had a great time at Tramway Knits on Sunday , many old friends were back , and it was great to see them .
Patsy had an early ??th birthday surprise , but the 2inch square cake couldn't quite go round all fourteen of us. Pity!
She also brought in her scarf in progress , crocheted with the gorgeous buttery cashmere her friend gifted her - we've mentioned it before, and will probably mention it again, its so yummy - there is no other word for it !
Got to see Kathleens' lovely hap shawl in the flesh , it will be a stunner once it is finished . The yarn is Shilasdair, natural dyed , and it feels so soft. It will be warm , cosy and gorgeous to wear .
Nan brought in a vintage box of silk yarn , one pound in weight and each skein a half ounce (roughly 25 grams) , there was about 30 skeins in pale peach colour . Would be fabulous for a cami-top or some knitted lingerie , 1930's style - ooh la la !
The lovely Heather brought me the prize from the - competition on her blog and what a prize indeed! A pair of Lornas' Laces sock yarn skeins - in beautiful hot pinks/purples and oranges . Just fabulous! Cant wait to knit them up into some wonderful socks .
Will download pictures when camera is working again .