Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Happy St Andrews Day!

Due to the lack of frivolity and celebrations , it would appear that St Andrew was a very dour Presbyterian Saint! And having a Saints Day JUST before the first day of Advent means there is so much else going on (and I still managed to forget the Advent Calendars!)
However , the children did make St Andrews Day cards at school , and the local bakers had iced cakes with mini-Saltires on them!
The other week , I was having a wee rummage in the local Charity shop and got myself a few bargains .
One , was Christmas Cards with Tartan Reindeer on them.
Two was a lovely silk red dress .
And three , was the above knitting kit - it is a lambswool angora mix yarn , simply divine .
I didn't know the Isle of Bute ( a short ferry ride from here) had an Angora Farm , nor had I heard of the designer Carol Bentzen . The pattern is for handknitting OR machine knitting , and there are the machine knit cards too .
The design is very 1980's , cream batwing sweater with coloured asymmetric pattern on it , and included the teazle brush to fluff it up as well as pads for the shoulders. Very Dynasty!
I don't think I will knit up this pattern and may use the yarn for something else .
Just now I will admire it , give it a wee stroke when no one is looking.
And, since St Andrew was a fisherman , tonight we are having a very traditional meal - Cottage Pie ! (Well I reckon he needed a break from all that fish!)
Happy St Andrews Day to you all !

Monday, 29 November 2010

Footprints in the Snow

Spent the weekend in East Kilbride where snow in winter is such a common occurrence they stopped talking about it years ago! And it was proper snow , not slushy or wet or crunchy and icy , but powdery fine and lying thickly.
Even Gourock got a good covering , and someone just had to walk over the untouched snow in our front garden in his wellies!
Poor DH is stranded at Southhampton Airport just now , not sure how and when he'll get back - bbbrrrrr !
Last week was lovely and NOT snowy , and there was the monthly meeting of the Clyde Coast Spinners Weavers and Dyers Guild , headed up by our own Kimmie !
It was held in the Angies lovely home this time , and we couldn't wait to get the official business over .
Yes , Rosies weaving is lovely and coming on a treat , but that wasn't the reason we scooted through the agenda at breakneck speed!
THIS was the reason , Angie's gorgeous home baked Chocolate cake , my teeth are still tingling with the thought of it !
On the knitting front , my New England Knits sweater is coming on a treat , and I have started something else . Lets just say , Intarsia is easier if you cut and join !

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Days like today .....

Grey, dreich, wet, windy, cold, just plain miserable!
I'm glad I have my beautiful sweater!
Had my nice light sweater on earlier , but need something cosier!
Waiting for Gas man to check my fire , so can't put it on yet , at least I have some cosy knitting to do ( as well as wear!)
Time for tea !

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Scones ...... gone!

Have been feeling gradually better these last few days , so much so I decided to try and bake scones AND cook a pork joint in my new slow cooker (courtesy of my mother , after a very BAD roast beef incident at our house!)
As usual I only made enough mix for about 8 small scones , but I wanted to make sure I didn't waste too much stuff if they turned out bad. !?!
Since I was keeping an eye on my friends wee boy , I had three hungry tums to fill , but I managed to make 9 scones , so it was 2 a piece and one leftover....... it went missing so my pal had to do with some bought cookies instead!
And the pork - not too dry , and kept "shredding" when I tried to cut it. Still tasted good.
Maybe try pancakes tomorrow!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Broken Pieces

DS2 has just broken a beautiful Royal Doulton figurine given to me by my sister - Its was all white and was two wee girls , one slightly taller than the other and it was called ...... sisters . I tried not to explode , but felt very depressed throwing it in the bin .... sigh!
He was very contrite , the wee soul , but Mummy needs to be in a different room just now .
Twas a lovely crisp morning , this morning , however there were several road accidents due to folk not realising how slippy it was , one appeared to be quite bad . And now the rain is back .
Mondays eh ?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

At the setting of the Sun...

Today is Remembrance Sunday , so there was the familiar parade to the local cenotaph and the laying of the wreaths . Fine words were spoken and there was an air of respect as the winter sun shone bright and low.
Children chattered through the silence , some people drank take-out coffee to keep warm , and traffic was stopped for a time .
People remembered .
At Sunday school , the children made Poppy pictures then had some juice and a biscuit . Two wee ones didn't like the biscuits on offer so off I went to get a substitute , when I returned to give them their biscuits, one wee boy turned to me and , covered in crumbs, announced "I never had a biscuit , can I get one ?" . Trying hard not to laugh I brushed the crumbs from his sweater and said " Sweetie , if you are going to fib , hide the evidence first! Nice try , but NO."
Had our Craft Fair in Gourock yesterday , was a lovely day , but unfortunately my anti-b's were making me feel bad! And I only made one sale! I guess Knitting bags are not really seasonal gifts , not in Gourock anyway .
Our Kimmie was the star of the show through selling gorgeous hats ,scarves and mitts . Have to give credit to her DH for his help with knitting and sewing tags - another star.
So guess what I 'll be giving as Christmas gifts ! I'm sure my Dad will be delighted to take up sock knitting, if I give him this bag! Hehehe!
Ah , maybe I'll give it to my sister instead - then she can get her book back!
Right , off to continue on my green sweater , coming on a treat!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Very Windy

It is very windy tonight! Nearly got blown away taking DS1 to his cubs .
And living up a hill at the Firth of a river , opposite two lochs is very noisy when it is windy . Sigh , hopefully will manage to sleep tonight anyway.
Tooth on the mend slowly anti-b's beginning to work now thank goodness . And I managed to finish a large tote bag today one with sheep all over it. Will take it to Knit night tonight to see what folk think. Used the Yew button that I bought at Drumlanrig Castle during the summer , the Yew wood came from the trees in the grounds.
Here are the other totes I made for the Craft Fair .
Self-lined !
Used some vintage resin buttons I had in my button tin and some vintage velvet ribbon to fasten them. I just love hat sheep fabric , pity I can't get anymore , sigh!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

TBJ Finished at last

Very bad Macbook photo of my Pagan sweater , christened TBJ after a good pal told me to" just finish That B****Y Jumper ! " as I was taking so long to knit it . Note the cheeky wee face trying to peek in.
So I have! Finished it!
Still think its a bit tight , but comfy and have been wearing it all day.
Tooth a wee bit better , but still feel lousy. Early night for kids and probably me too.
Oh yes , have started another aran- weight-knit-in-the-round plain sweater from New England Knits (the one on the front!) - using Rowan Pure Wool Aran in a green shade called Sage . Loving it!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Craft Fair draws near!

As I sit and write this the side of my face is literally "louping" - in severe pain .
This is not a good time for me to be ill , Craft Fair is Saturday and I am now panicking I do not have enough/will not sell anything!
The dentist has put me on anti-b's for a week , to see if its just and infection and not anything more serious , I wish painkillers had been part of that prescription (am such a wimp I know!)
There is a local Craft Fair in Gourock on Saturday 13th November in the Gamble Halls on Shore Street , and the quality of the goods for sale is looking good . We have a knitting stall selling knitting kits , knitting project bags (me) and knitted goods (hats scarfs etc.) I will try not to spend more than I earn , hopefully! Come along if you can , it will be good fun , and its not far from the Train Station.
Am almost finished my chunky sweater which is knitted in Rowan Country Yarn , and the pattern is called Pagan - by Kim Hargreaves in her Amber book.
I am also desperate to cast on my Valentina Coat from Rowan Magazine 48 (scroll right and click on the picture, its much clearer here!) , an early Christmas gift from DH , but I want to be able to focus on it properly so it will have to wait - I just keep petting the yarn every now and then!
Better get back to making my bags - maybe get a cuppa first and see if this pain calms a bit!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Its the 5th! Yikes!

My ability to post every day in November has faltered at the starting post - mainly due to DS1 being ill and me being unable to get my finger out !
I am also panicking ever so slightly about getting all my bags done in time for the craft fair , and am still designing some new ones too. I say designing , what I really mean is playing about with material etc. trying to get something I like!
And the camera went missing - found under the car seat ?? eventually .
Here are some of the kiddies beanies I knit for the Blythswood Trust , modeled by the ever talented DS2 .
"Who says boys can't wear pink ? I DID!"
DS1 pointing out hat on DS2's head - Its here !
And here we are trying the "hulk" look - don't make me angry......I look good angry anyway!!
In between making my bags, knitting beanies and generally trying to avoid Housework (except cooking , still love to cook) , I have been knitting a few wee socks for a friend! To hang in her studio! The yarn is remnants of her hand-dyed sock and sportweight yarn , Ysolda colourway (discontinued) , Gothic and Sour (I think discontinued?) .
They will be winging there way to the Old Maiden Aunt Studio very soon .
Right - back to those bags!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Its November.....and the weather is miserable

It started off quite cold but pleasant this morning , which was good as I had to take a sickly DS1 along with me while I dropped off his younger brother at school. A nourishing hot chocolate later and a wee trip to the Charity shop took a lot out of him so back home to curl up on the sofa, while I got on with the house work. All too soon I realised we needed the lights on in the house , and then I looked out and saw the darkening sky and the first drops of rain.... then it became torrential!
And it hasn't stopped all afternoon!
Took DS1 to Doctors who promptly prescribed a course of anti-b's , lots of liquid and rest .
Still , his appetite is still good , you know what they say, "feed a cold and starve a fever" .
On the knitting front , managed to knit a couple of kids beanies for the Blythswood shoebox appeal , and got DS2 to model them. Unfortunately we have since misplaced the camera so will post photo's at a later date . I will say though that he did look fetching in the deep pink hat (pink is his most hated colour!) .
Have been making some wee sock project bags and knitting totes to sell at the local craft fair , which takes place in the Gamble Halls in Gourock on November 13th . I have never done a craft fair before so this should be interesting and hopefully fun . I think I may also knit some kids beanies , as Kimmie has been knitting up some gorgeous adult hats and beanies to sell , and I just know they will sell very quickly .
To cheer November up I am going to make a post every day for a month. Its a busy month , so at least most of the posts will be interesting !
If you like to crochet , here is a link to a crochet Poppy pattern , all money goes to the Poppy Appeal , appropriate since Remembrance Day is in November , Remembrance Sunday being 14th . If you are not on the knitting website Ravelry , its worthwhile signing up as it contains a wealth of knitting and crocheting patterns (some free) as well as other related information AND it doesn't cost anything .The above pattern is only £1 .
Off to make dinner now , and then perhaps get on with sewing up some more totes!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Made it !

Literally ..... Party was Saturday 18th September , and at 1am that morning it was done!
Love it love it love it - and the party was great too!
Pattern , Marianne by Sharon Miller , from Rowan Magazine 37, short sleeve version. Yarn Kidsilk Haze in Marmalade bought at Once a Sheep yarn store in Kempock Street , Gourock, buttons from same store - chosen by two lovely friends in my Knitting group . Started this waaaaay back , in April I think. Started it properly end of August and finished it on the 18th September .
Now , what's next?

Monday, 30 August 2010

I must I must ....

.....get a move on with my KSH cardi - In Laws 50th Wedding anniversary is only 3 weeks away and I will wear it to their party!
Why oh Why did I put it to the bottom of the wip basket ?
Still , 3 weeks is 21 days , should be no problem !
(Bottom lip beginning to quiver!)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Yarn Stalker ???

On the way home from Ayr , after visiting a friend and giving her birthday gift ( a Pom-Pom scarf) , I felt the need to look at some beautiful yarn and fibre .
So I stopped in West Kilbride and looked in Old Maiden Aunts Studio window - there was lots of this ... and this and of course this !
And it suddenly occurred to me that I may be ...... a Yarn Stalker !
Yikes !

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Lazy Sundays

Its been a while since I have blogged , my eldest son now thinks the computer is his and "lends" it to me now . He then hangs about in a distracting manner until I get cross , then he storms off in a huff! Not enough to do on a lazy wet Sunday apparently .
I have still been knitting , and one of my favourite knits this summer has been this little Kidsilk spray scarf , I am test knitting a lovely pattern called Larissa by the very talented Karie , who is the Rowan Consultant at John Lewis , Glasgow .
I think this scarf may end up being a gift though , sometimes when I start a project I just get the feeling who it would suit (usually ME!) , but this time there will be another lucky recipient .
Another thing I don't usually do , is knit to order , or as my good pal Nan would say - nagged to knit! But a good friend of mine has a birthday and asked if I could knit her something..... in pom-pom yarn (another thing I don't normally do - knit in pom-pom yarn ) . However ,the effect is lovely and cuddly , perfect for a winter scarf .
Will I knit another - mmmmm , we'll see .
Last Thursday , a Craft Cruise came to visit our LYS Once a Sheep in Gourock , and I have to say , they shop in packs ! . Lots of lovely ladies (and a gentleman!) had a lovely time buying gorgeous local yarn (hand-dyed , hand-spun ) , and stopping for a short time to listen to the wonderful Clarsach being played , and the Gaelic songs being sung , as well as tasting fabulous shortbread , tablet and Irn Bru! One of the ladies , we discovered , wrote knitting books and lots of them . Her name was Sally Melville , and of course we had to check out her books on Amazon! She had just finished a gorgeous stole from Victorian Lace while on her cruise ship and hadn't had time to block it , but it still looked divine .
It was so lovely to meet all the cruisers , perhaps they'll join Once a Sheep group on Ravelry when they get back.
As well as knitting , I've been doing a wee bit sewing , some project bags with lovely sheep motifs . My sister found this material in our local material shop , so I had to have some - here are some of my wee bags!
Alas, I went back to get me some more of the material , but it appears to be gone! Sigh!
Hopefully I will post again a bit sooner than before , thats' if my DS1 lends me the computer back anytime soon - he is already hovering in the background !

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Where is the Rainbow ?

Thankfully the new Rowan Autumn/Winter Magazine is in with plenty of colour , a veritable Rainbow - almost like the one after Noah's Flood .
Talking of Noah's flood..... weather here has been disgraceful of late , so bad I am sure I am growing webbed feet. It is a deluge , or monsoon without the tropical heat .
Still plenty to catch my eye and keep me cheery in this magazine - my favourite is the Martin Storey Coat witht he huge roses on the collar and hem and the Kaffe Fasset sweater and Scarf that is shown on the front of the magazine . And I really love the wee cable hat in cocoon chunky yarn . I feel the need to knit this up asap!
However , I really need to keep my feet warm (and avoid the webbing!) , so I am glad I finally finished my two at a time Socks - Opal Harry Potter Yarn , colourway Tonks!
Here is my feet trying to catch some daylight! I took the center of the ball for the second sock , so I was literally knitting from the same ball for both socks at the same time on my circular needle . And , as I can be rather odd at times , I like my self striping socks to be slightly different , or in this case - completely!
Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday , and thankfully the sun came out eventually (for a short time!) . The lovely Yvette and her DH are over in Scotland for a holiday and came up to Once a Sheep in Gourock for the afternoon , and look what she brought ..... a gorgeous project bag in the sunniest , summery pink ! Very talented is Yvette. I blushed when her DH asked if I already had ONE ..... as I probably have several (like all good knitters should!) . It is already in use , I finally started my July Toe-Up sock KAL in my Hulk yarn , and yes , I am doing the Brainless sock pattern by Yarnissima .
We had a lovely lunch (I was treated!) at Cafe continental - their Fish and Chips are gorgeous , and apparently so is the Steak Sandwich! Yvette should be her fabulous Wendy Johnson Sock book , knitting from the toe-up , and I really think this might be one for the wish list .Yvette should me her gorgeous socks with fairisle pattern done toe-up and a "proper" heel, in a lovely purple shade , in Yarnyard clan yarn (ooh, try saying that quickly twentytimes , lol) . The books showed lots of ideas for different heel patterns for toe-up socks , apart from the usual short-row . so pretty and unusual .
Later that afternoon I was traipsing through the local charity shop for a "Tweed Jacket just like Dr Who " for DS1 when I came across some of this yarn . Greenock Brand Aran in Natural . Nearby Greenock used to have huge "Merino Mills" , but by the time this yarn was spun there weren't many mills left!
The lovely Moira in our knitting group collects Greenock patterns and yarn , anything to do with the old Greenock Brand , so she will be the lucky recipient!She is as they say , knitted in Greenock herself (just like me) .
Finally , my good friend gave birth to her wee girl Poppy last Monday , so I had to get my skates on and finish these - a wee cardi and Mary-Jane bootees done in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino silver and red - with wee ladybird buttons .
She was a good healthy 8 and a half pounds , so hopefully these will fit her well .
Now my next project - a knitted sun and suntan suit!

Monday, 12 July 2010


Finally finished by Kaya Shrug , knitted in undyed merino/alpaca/silk chunky in 5.5mm and 6mm needles . Haven't blocked it yet , still it is sitting nicely .
Now the question is ...... to dye or not to dye ?
I like the natural creamy shade , however the ever talented Innes has dyed some similar yarn in shades of lilac , teal and deep pink and it looks gorgeous!
Something to think about while I knit my friends new baby a wee jacket . Yarn Debbie Bliss Cashmerino , shade Silver , pattern Naturally Nice Baby sweater by Lion Brand . It is knit in one piece (LOVE IT) and I have just the sleeves to finish now. Just as well since baby Poppy was born this morning at eleven!
Better get cracking!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Knit - a - longs............

Summer is the season for Knit - a - longs! It helps us keep up the knitting mojo when it doesn't feel the weather for it!
The Ishbel - a - long went well , and Karen took lots of photo's of the finished shawls and made photo montage - see here
The latest KAL is the Kaya shrug , and top down seamless shrug knit in chunky yarn . Moira found the pattern and some lovely yarn and was the inspiration for the rest of us . Karen had just ordered in some lovely alpaca/merino/silk/ chunky yarn so some of us took up the challenge. I have just the final ribbing to do on the sleeves , and I kept mine especially cropped as I like that look .
However , tonight some of us will cast-on for the Toe-up sock KAL , using one of the variety of toe-up cast-on methods . Personally I am favouring the Turkish method , but Judy's magic cast-on does give a tighter finish so I am still undecided .
One thing I am decided on though is the pattern and yarn , I will be doing the Brainless pattern with my Hulk yarn! Brainless is another Yarnissima pattern , my friend Irene has already done another Yarnissima pattern called Firestarter , its a very effective pattern and looks great .
My sister is considering some lovely patterns by Wendy Johnson , who appears to favour knitting socks toe-up having written a whole book of toe-up patterns!
For those of you on Ravelry , I believe there are one or two free Wendy Johnson patterns , one in particular that comes to mind is Rivulets, a lovely lacy design .
I guess its time to finish off some WIP's before I start these socks - then again maybe not!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Chocks Away

Today I was lucky enough to pay my last respects to my old History Teacher , the (in?)famous Mr Marshall . He was a bit of a legend at my secondary school , and also , it appears , amongst his local community here in Gourock .
It was a "good" funeral service , in that the he had lived a full life , and was fondly remembered by many .
The Eulogies spoke of the different memories each of us had of him , Husband , Father , neighbour , teacher , colleague , friend . The main one was given by a former pupil AND colleague of his , and was done so beautifully , that I was transported back to his classroom 20 odd years ago (I know , I am an old bat myself now!)
Mr Marchall was "old school" strict , punctilious , traditionalist , humourous , eccentric ...... there are a whole book of adjectives that can describe him . In fact if we were to collate them memories of all who knew him , it would be a collection of books bigger than Encyclopedia Britannica!
My memories of him are that he would walk about the school in his tweedy trousers , check shirt and black gown , slightly bald with an RAF moustache humming contentedly to himself , then as soon as he saw or heard mischief afoot , he would roar like a tiger . My earliest memory of him is bursting into our registration class to take R.E. , and announcing that it was the only thing enshrined in Scots Law that he should teach us , but that he was not a believer himself!
He had a soft spot for the girls and wouldn't belt them , but woe betide any boy who crossed him! After the belt was banned , he would stand wayward pupils in the corner , and roar at them if they so much as moved a hair . He had a habit of running up the corridors pretending to be a Sopwith Camel or Spitfire , and I think he may have spent some time in the RAF , but I can't be sure . One day , one of the teachers came out of the class to shout at what they thought was a wayward pupil , and came face to face with Mr Marshall arms outstretched doing the usual aeroplane impersonation !
As part of our World Ward 1 History project , we collated questions that were sent to a surviving pilot whom Mr Marshall had contacted personally , and whose answers were taped and sent back to us . Sadly that elderly gentleman died not long after , but we had this wonderful living memory of his on tape , thanks to Mr Marshall .
I think he must have been getting on when I got him , as he seemed to be mellowing , and would share some private anecdotes (I think the boys had been locked in the cupboard for getting up to nonsense , so it was just the girls) . From these I can tell he thought his wife the loveliest woman , his father was strict but fair , and he abhorred domestic violence , and he loved good home-baking! He would tease those he thought were "too religious" , but in return would take a teasing for his "lack" of faith .
He was a bit of a gardener , and latterly his picture would appear in the local paper for his prize winning Parsley! A lot!
These are really just my memories , fond memories and in the church today I know I was surrounded by people who had their own fond memories including his family .
To me , that is a life well lived . Goodbye Mr Marshall , we'll miss you but not forget you!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Marbles found....(almost)

Had a bit of a disaster today, one of my handknit socks (my monkeys or rather one of them) got included in a towel wash , that is , a boil wash and a very fast spin! It is now a felted sock , SIGH!
So to cheer myself up , I started this .... in this..... another pair of monkeys in a gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from the US , can't remember the company but the colourway is called Walking . A lovely lady from Montana sent it to me as part of a Dr Who Jelly Baby swap , and I have been eyeing it for months but just wasn't sure what pattern to do .
I love this yarn , and I love this pattern. I got so excited I started the pattern right away and forgot about the rib! Negative knitting!
Talking of negative knitting , here is half a back of my Elspeth shrug (knitted 4 times before I was happy with it!) which I am now talking to again . Did not get this pattern at all , so wrote my own charts ..... back to front .... now written properly ..... and producing knitting.
It does make a rather fetching sun hat though .... and we have been getting a lot of sun lately , I've even had to water the garden . May talk to it again tonight and add a few more inches .
After finding my "two-at-a-time" socks amongst the ironing basket , I am now at the toes , yippee! That's a SMUG smile on my face , because I finished my ironing too (don't ask about the washing basket though ) . Yes , the socks don't match and Yes , I wanted them that way (think Dobby from Harry Potter and the mismatching socks) . This is Tonks colourway and the yarn is Opal Sock , kindly given to me by my sister (I did give her a Dream in Colour Smooshy in exchange!)
Although it is very warm just now , socks not required at present , however that doesn't stop me from investing in (yet more) sock yarn for when the cold sets in again. Mind you , it could make another fetching Sun Hat too .
Its the "Ysolda Red" from Lorna's Laces , and will be featured in Ysolda Teagues new book apparently , have a peek over at her website . Its a lovely blend of orange/reds/deep pink , too lovely to leave on a lonely shelf . I appear to have "rabbit eyes" in this picture , not sure why , I blame it on Harold!
Now should I make socks with it , or something , more seasonal - appropriate suggestions kindly accepted !
(Earings perhaps!)
Just now there are quite a few KAL's going on at Once A Sheep , our lovely LYS . After the Ishbel shawl KAL , there is the Kaya shrug KAL , and I believe Moira is already on to her second one . Some of the girls are using a lovely un-dyed chunky yarn in Merino/alpaca/silk blend available at OAS , and are hoping to dye once finished . Next months KAL will be Toe-up socks using Judy's magic cast-on (or a form of!) , and I will be using my HULK yarn . Can't wait. So excited. Details on Ravelry!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Losing my Religion (Knitting!)

And my marbles !
And my blog postings - this awful internet connection is getting worse - BT here tomorrow to try and sort it!
Also lost my sock knitting in my ironing basket (!?!) and didn't panic for at least a day or three.....
Realised I haven't done a post since the UK election results , I am not very positive about this hung parliament or Mr Cameron/Mr Cleggs abilities in leading our country out of this recession .
Lost my knitting mojo , well, lost my mojo full stop just now .
Not a lot finished recently except my fourth Ishbel , however I did get a very nice surprise the other day - my blog name was pulled out the hat over at Liliths (Old Maiden Aunt) blog prize draw , and I received some fabulous Hulk Green yarn , which I am winding into a ball at present!
A rather bigoted Conservative candidate was canvassing near Liliths studio while she was dyeing her yarn . Her lovely would-be sea green yarn turned Hulk green . So she turned a negative into a positive and asked folk to donate to Stonewall , a Gay rights charity , and she put everyone into a draw .
That's so Lilith!
Its gorgeous , and I love the wee cartoon hulk on the skein band too .
I think some glamourous cashmere socks are in order , maybe I will use the pattern "Brainless" in honour of the above Tory candidate , of whom even David Cameron (Conservative leader and now our Prime Minister) told folk NOT to vote for him!
BUTT KICKED I think! Okay no more politics , it is a knitting blog after all!
It took me nearly a week to block my sisters Ishbel shawl (Ysolda Teague pattern) , but once it was done it looked and felt fantatstic .
I did Charts A and B twice , 6 rows of Chart A again , then four rows of Chart D . I used 4.5mm, 5mm and 6mm needles , 4.5mm for Stocking Stitch , 5mm for forst two pattern repeats then 6mm for the remainder .
The yarn used was Old Maiden Aunt alpaca/silk in a one-off colourway called Rosewood . Just gorgeous!
A certain boy turned 6 years old the other week! First gift was white rabbit named Harold , but who turned out to be a female! Second gift was a huge trampoline and a trip to see Space Chimps 2 .
Finally there was the party at the local community centre (I am still taking the paracetemol) , of which he said "It was the best birthday party 3 days after a birthday that a boy could have! "
Parents and Bank balance still in recovery!

Friday, 7 May 2010


After yesterdays General Election , here's hoping the politicians have the wisdom to get on with the job they have been elected to do and not argue and fight!
(Picture taken is Mural in Garden inside the Victoria and Albert museum - script reads , Wisdom exalteth her children and layeth hold of them that seek her , figures representing age , to her left , and youth is to her right!
I am charging on with my Ishbel shawl, I don't want to finish it as it is such wonderful yarn to knit with , and I just love the colour!
After yesterday , I have knit another pattern repeat, so it is bigger again .
Right , off to google "Care of Rabbits" , as tomorrow we have a new member to the family , an early birthday gift for DS2!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Too many projects....too little time!

I know I am not alone in this habit......Knitting Startitis! So many gorgeous yarns , beautiful patterns , dreams and wishlists . I have several projects sitting waiting patiently to start , and yet I buy more yarn and start a new project .
Or I buy yarn to start a project and it sits languishing in the stash cupboard , its only solace being that I go in to stroke the yarn now and again .
And I am at it again , but when you see this yarn , you will appreciate why !
I just happened to be perusing the Old Maiden Aunt website , and saw it , and instantly fell in love with it!
And look , there is only one of it , so I just had to buy it , there and then. The waiting for it to arrive in the post was excruciating! But I survived. It was worth the wait. As soon as I ripped open the parcel , I had it on the swift and wound into a wee cake of yarn . Its for a special project you see .
Our local Knitting group at Once a Sheep is having an Ishbel Knitalong . This will be the fourth Ishbel shawl , can you tell I really like this pattern? I had considered knitting on in laceweight , but this yarn only came in sportweight , so sportweight it it . Cast on starts tonight at 8pm!
And here are my new knitpro needles that I'll be using . I am already using the needles for (yet another) project , but as it is an interchangeable set , I have plenty cables and tips for other projects .
As this yarn is sportweight , I think I will start on a 5mm needles , then go up to a 6mm to make the lace extra lacy and curvy .
Hope my good pal Kimmie doesn't mind , but here is her Ishbel that I gave her just a wee help with - isn't the yarn gorgeous, the colours are magnificent .
And it looks fabulous on Kimmie!
Here is another of my talented pals - Eileen showing off her first spindle spun and plied yarn , using corriedale fibre . Just lovely , she has since knitted it into a sock project bag , very apt since she has a sock addict at present!
Right , I am off to get ready for Knitting group .