Thursday, 3 May 2007

Secret Project - not quite there yet.....

Well last evening a few of us gathered to see the secret project to its final phase.... however a few cups of tea/glasses of wine/sudoku/hours later it still wasn't completed. Karen took a photo of the unfinished item !
We finally came to realise it may be a few more days before we see it in its completed form, but it WILL be done!
Tonight is Flavaknits night - some secret project work may be done , then again, not much is ever achieved on Flavaknits night! Much oohing and ahhing over projects/magazines/books etc. etc. etc. I've got my cropped cardi to do now, and the slouch socks, its nice to get back to them . I think I may use some stash for another wee cropped cardi pattern I've seen, need to get my wardrobe all sorted for my NY trip!
As usual it was a beautiful 22degrees celsius today, always bright and breezy on election day . I bought all the (Scottish) papers to read up a bit more before making my final decision and thought I saw a misprint.... why was there a picture of a farmer with 4 different coloured sheep ? Outside Bathgate 4 woolly sheep were dyed the colours of the main political parties - wonder if the fleeces will get shorn to be spun into political wool ?
And in my local paper (God Bless her and all who sail in her !), there was an article on an eighteen year old first time voter, and a Granny who was the oldest voter at One hundred and three years old. When that Granny was born women didn't even have the vote, now thats a thought! It was good that both gave their reasons about what would influence their voting instead of the usual "they all tell lies, no point voting for any of them (politicians) vox pop thats being going around of late.
Will try and get some photo's this evening - Morag was knitting a doll last week and I think we may be near the finished item!

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heather said...

It must be such a relief to be able to knit something else ! Well done you - I hope the recipient is duly impressed when it's finally handed over :0)