Sunday, 20 May 2007

bob the builder.......

I have just joined Freecycle and one of the things required is a description of yourself and reason for wanting to join - I put that I was a mother of two small boys influenced by Bob the builder, Reduce Reuse Recycle! And now three of my former items languishing in the Garage are going to good homes. Waste not Want not! Thank you Sarah for your good example .
I started this post last night but the internet bombed on me and I lost it all. Had another look at Kathleens wee feather and fan baby blanket here to cheer myself up. Also had a peek here to see the brightly coloured sock yarn lilith dyed, and India is going to knit up!
Was on the Eco-worriers' blog (courtesy of the Times paper), and she is on a wardrobe challenge - no new clothes for a year! One of the problems she foresees is when her socks wear out, can she buy a new pair. I sent a comment suggesting she take up knitting socks, as any purchase is non-clothing, she will gain skills and a new hobby (perhaps increase her social life) and she hasn't "bought" any clothing!
Perhaps I should have included Liliths blog in my comment, with all her little "monkeys"!
Better post before I get bombed again!


scarybez said...

Morning! I'm glad you've discovered the delights of Freecycle - it's such a great thing. We've given away sooo much stuff that probably would have just been chucked and have also been given some amazing things by the kind folk of Glasgow. Happy freecycling! Sarah :)

tash said...

Hi Mhairi,

Thanks for your comment! It's so strange to see you come from Gourock - I keep thinking "I've been there!". You live in a lovely bit of Scotland, so close to all the pretty bits, but accessible enough to places like Glasgow... We fell completely head over heels for the Cowal peninsula, such a beautiful place.

I think many now are starting to realise that we can make a difference - like the hippies in the 60's, we are a generation with enough guile and savvy to make choices and change - which I see to be a good thing indeed.

Very nice to meet you and I'll be back!

p.s. Your cropped cardi is delightful, truly gorgeous :)