Wednesday, 23 May 2007

A Flying Visit...

just a short post before I fly off to New York tomorrow! I am totally disorganised, haven't packed much yet (or decided which suitcase to take never mind pack) . Junior Jnr enjoyed a trip to the bookshop and toyshop today (oh the guilt of a mother!) and did quite nicely out of it . Juniors Dr Who magazine arrived today so he is quite happy . And I've been asked for various toys (none American!) to be brought back .
The Fyberspates cropped cardi will be accompanying me, although I hear the weather is to hit the 80's on Friday so not sure if I'll get much wear . I'll be taking a wee bit knitting (Alpaca socks? seasilk stole? ) and I have a little contingency for some yarn purchase!
Thank You Tash and Sarah for your lovely comments - my friend always said I was a bit of a closet hippie. Must have been growing up in the 70's !
My (kind?)husband pointed out that a flight to the US kinda makes me a little less green , still I don't so it every year. And I intend to walk as much aas possible while I'm there .
If I get a chance I may even post from NY (I do love the internet, I feel like a six year old again)

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