Saturday, 28 April 2007

Normal Service will be resumed .....

My word, its the 28th April, nine days since last post. Its the secret projects' fault, the yarn is getting easier to knit with, but the patterns are a wee bit awkward at times.
Next week, it should all be finished, done deal, sewn up etc. etc. etc. Then there'll be a party.
Had a lovely evening at Cafe Flava on Thursday! We had a new member, Morag from Castle Douglas (or CD to locals) - I think she enjoyed herself, and hopefully will be back. As part of my secret project , there are a few Flava friends who are taking part too, but I think they were wanting to poke my eyes with the rosewood needles on Thursday! Still we had a great night, reading everyones magazines, ooohing and aahing over the different designs.
Ah well the sun is shining just now so better get out and do some knitting in the back garden (nb. must remind Bumble bees to stay away from Nans' house!!)
And this wee photo is for your benefit Nan - secret project in progress
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!


Wee Minty said...

I have a huffy look on my face and I've just stamped my foot. I would have crossed my arms too, but it's hard to type like that! (Send Callum over)

I don't have a problem with bb's - that poor wee thing met an untimely death over a misunderstanding. It's slugs I hate.

Kathleen said...

Hiya, next time you're chatting to Morag from CD, tell her you've got a friend who visits there regularly who always spends a pretty penny in the Gem Shop when she's there!Also, you could ask here if she's heard of Balcary Bay.
When will we ever know about this secret project? You've done a great job of building up the anticipation. x K