Saturday, 12 May 2007

Food Glorious Food!

Was visiting a lovely German Knitters blog and came across some gorgeous foodie blogs.This is not the first time I've ventured over to the foodies - my pal India is a bit of a foodie and has a fantastic listing over at her blog. Now,I'm no Delia Smith or Hugh Fearnly Whittingstall but I do like to potter about the kitchen.
The Cherrys' Kitchen caught my eye as she is doing recipes using seasonal ingredients, and they look divine! I now have all the ingredients for the Creamy Trout and Taragon pie - its a definite for Mondays dinner . There is also a lovely crafty shop linked into this blog too , with lovely eco-friendly bags (Anya Hindmarsh eat your heart out!).
Another lovely blog is Vintage Pretty - there is a lot about organic food/eco living which lead to me a site about handmade shoes - gorgeous. There was a very interesting article on British Farming and the difficult issues it faces today. Having grown up eating local produce, I still like to choose it over foreign even in the Supermarket (although meat is better from a butchers!) And don't get me started on eggs - my local Tesco can't keep up with the demand for the rare breed ones, I've got quite a few people, including myself, addicted to them now .
I spent a lovely evening (ahem! about four hours!) online just flitting from blog to blog, taking note of recipes I'd like to use , other sites to visit.
Tomorrow is Tramway Knitting group, haven't been for a while so it'll be good to meet up with the group again and see who's knitting what for whom. And what will I be knitting ?? I'll wait to see what I pull out the bag.

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Krawuggl said...

Oh, I know exactly what you are meaning, when I am saying I will have just a quick glance on some blogs it would mean I am now online for several hours. They are always so temting to stay more hours than planned, one is leading to another and so many wonderful things are to be seen there. I am glad you liked the links, since I have more time to cook and bake I love every new recipe, although some are really failing in my kitchen.
I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you so very much for your lovely comment about Lizzy, the button band was really a good idea because we now often have such a terrible wind here and although I planned to wear it open,I now am happy to button it up if I like. Thank you very much!