Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Come on Darlin' yer doing fine!

Alas, no photos' today, the battery in the camera needs recharged and I need to dig out the card reader (and can't be bothered!).
Was at the Tramway knitters group on Sunday and spend a pleasant afternoon chatting eating and doing very little knitting - just a bit of alteration on the fyberspates cardi and a few rows of my alpaca socks.
Just before I got into the Tramway I was trying to park the car in what I thought was a very tight space. I opened the car door a little to try and see how far I could go when a youth from a White Van shouted "Come on Darlin', ye've got loads a room, keep goin' darlin" ! Its been umpteen years since anyone shouted Darlin' at me, so I giggled like a fourteen year old school girl (come to think of it , that probably WAS the last time someone shouted Darlin' at me).
There is a slight knitting slow down just now - the raspberry mohair sweater is back in the UFO basket, and although I have now finished the cropped cardi, I haven't sewn in ends,or the buttons yet . And instead of starting the baby blanket for my cousins' baby to be, I have started a one-skein wonder shawl in Colinette Parisienne. Its post blanket blues!
Thank You all for your kind comments on the blanket - Kimberly made it even more special by saying that she understood and appreciated all the work that went in to making it (tear to a glass eye....)
Well after perusing the foodie blogs, I printed off some of the recipes and on Monday I made the Fresh Trout and Taragon pie from Cherrysenglishkitchen it was divine. Even my six year old son scoffed it down and said that we should have it at least once a week ! I made some slight alterations, mainly , using puff pastry as I couldn't get hold of the filo at the local supermarket.
And even more good news on the foodie front - the Deli in Gourocks Kempock Street is opening again - hurray!
Read an interesting article in the Times the other day about the (Craft) Village of West Kilbride. Had a wee giggle, as according to the Panopticon crafting is all about popsicle sticks (thats ice lolly sticks) and sticking and gluing things, and now I have a vision now of a village made entirely out of Ice lolly sticks and fluffy pom-poms! Obviously he has never heard of the Arts and Crafts movement, anyway I digress . Apparently the village had a high rate of unemployment, the shops had closed down due to the big supermarket moving in and things were bad . A group of crafters (no popsicle sticks in sight!) got together and started Scotlands very first craft village, and have created employment for twenty two people! My friend Karen, visited the village once, but the crafters were at a craft fair that day!
Well I'm off to look at internet sites for NY Yarn stores, and work out how quickly I can get round them all!

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Wee Minty said...

Hee hee, going to give you an abbreviation on my blog from now on - D. lol Then you won't have to wait another ten years. lol

BTW, all the yarn shops in NY have closed for the summer .. or am I turning green?

Once more, enjoy!