Saturday, 26 May 2007

Why aye man! Am in New York!

So I am walking down Fifth Avenue, heading for Grand Central Terminal, (Very Sex in the City, or for younger viewers Madagascar!) and who do I bump into but .... Jimmy Nail! So I do what every self respecting Scots person would do - I walk straight past (well he looked like he was in a middle of a domestic with the wife....and he was coming off the worst!)
Now for Nans' benefit, I am sitting in my pals apartment, drinking skinny latte iced tea, using my pals laptop. This morning I took my knitting and coffee to Central Park, where lots of cute doggies tried to pinch my scone
Hoping to go down to Greenwich Village this afternoon to shop, shop, shop! Then perhaps off to staten island ferry, to get views of the city - photo opportunity.
Almost forgot - went into chinatown last night and got the best vietnamese dinner ever for only a tenner - am going back at some point, food was great.
Weather is Hot Hot Hot, so will sign off!


heather said...

Oh good grief ! See what happens when I don't check things out for a few days - you're there ! How FAB :0)

Deeply deeply jealous. And yes, you're absolutely right, us self respecting Scots always walk past celebrities because they're "nae better thin they shud be - an' I kent his faither ye knaw ?!"

'cept if it's Johnny Depp in which case we STALK him ......

Judy G. said...

I know what you mean about Chinatown- I did New York last Nov. for the first time, and had the best chinese food I've ever had, and it was really really inexpensive (just over $20.00 for three of us). New York has become my favourite destination (and that's without yarn stops) (next time!).