Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Back to "auld claes 'n purridge!" (return home)

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US, and there was a parade at central park, but somehow I missed it! However I did not miss the lovely (Kosher) Hot and Crusty Bakery and its delightful cheesecake ! It was so warm that sitting on the sidewalk in 3rd Avenue felt wonderful. I had made a last trip to the toy store FAO Shwarz (almost flattened in the rampage by all the kids on holiday!), and had a wee bite to eat in Trump Tower, and too soon it was Goodbye NY!
Newark Airport was great, I had checked in online, and everything went well, even the flight was fine I didn't get much sleep.
When I got home I was welcomed by lovely big hugs from the boys - tear to a glass eye stuff! Then poor Junior jnr took an upset tummy - welcome home mum indeed!
Will post pictures of yarn purchases etc. etc. ec. tomorrow, as in need of a sleep (and still to do Tesco shop - yep Hubby hasn't mastered the art yet!) Oh well, back to auld claes and purridge(old clothes and porridge) indeed.

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