Friday, 11 May 2007

Blanket Coverage!

Apologies to Karen for pinching her quote, but today the secret project is revealed! It is the Sudoku blanket from Simply Knitting , and it was made for Kimberly and Lewis who are getting married next Thursday in Mull. Apologies now for the gratuitous photos of the Blanket !
The five knitters look on to their masterpiece !
Marians bed is missing the blanket already !
Kimberly being presented the blanket (Lewis had to work late or he would have joined us).
Karen knitted two extra squares (assisted by a couple of glasses of wine no doubt), and made a bag for the odd bits of wool in case any darning is required .
Marian mentioned that her daughter is getting married soon, but we asked that she present a grandchild before getting married as a shawl is a much smaller undertaking! (or to put it pointedly - NOT LIKELY!)
Had finished my fyberspates cropped cardi - but frogged it back to make minor alterations and should have it finished by the weekend. I'll need some material to back the button border as the buttons are very heavy, and I'm also reducing the number to three instead of four . I have a pattern for a one skein shrug, and I think that may be the next project. I haven't decided what yarn to use, but I still haven't used my New Lanark yarn, so its a contender!
MY friend who lives in New York was over just now due to family circumstances, so it was nice to catch up before I visit her in a fortnight! And she has the address of a very good yarn shop (I'm sure they are several in NY, but time is short).
Nan, over at Stitching Time is having a Fifth Anniversary Party for her Shop, most annoyed don't have time to pop over . She is also got May specials (10% of this that and the next thing) - how much temptation can a girl stand! MUST BE STRONG (oh forget that, where's the email address ?? )


Kathleen said...

You are so kind and generous with your time, what a lovely thing to do for a friend.
I hope they snuggle under it for years and think of you all. x K

Krawuggl said...

This is such a charming idea, I think this is the most beautiful present. I love the colours and the different patterns, this blanket would brighten up every gloomy day and cold nights and will company them for so many years, I am sure when it is old and faded one day it will have a lot of stories to tell. Gorgeous!

Wee Minty said...

Again .. it is gorgeous .. and so lovely that the recipients appreciate how much work went into it.

In case I don't get the chance, have a great time in NY.