Wednesday, 30 May 2007

And here are some I took earlier....

Most of the photos I am in are terrible, so I will not subject you to many (if any!). The buildings look more wonderful in real life , there are so many beautiful Art Deco buildings , which are my favourite.
The Chrysler building from 5th Avenue - it really is stunning, and you catch sight of it at 42nd Street/Lexington - if it wasn't so busy I could stand and gaze for hours.
This building was in the Financial District, not sure of its name or what its for but it looks wonderful.
This lady is stood on a wee island looking a bit lonesome, until you get up close . I was amazed at the traffic on the river, not something I associate with NY.
Now we're talking - this is Purl, enter at your peril! The contents of the bag will be revealed tomorrow
Also managed to fit in a visit to the Subversive Knitting and Lace exhibition. The two items that stood out were the evening gown knitted from dollar bills, and the clothes knitted from newspapers (Financial times). Also , the knitted pictures/photos - photos had been machine knitted, using black and white yarn to create the picture effect. It was quite amazing.


Midsummer night's knitter said...

Welcome home ;0)

Anonymous said...

Wow - I just looked up the Subversive Knitting and Lace exhibition and it looks amazing! The microknit garments are incredible.