Thursday, 17 May 2007

Gran's got jam on her hands!

This is what my youngest said when he saw his Grandmas painted fingernails!
Finally downloaded my photos and here they are :-)
I promised India she would not be in this photo - however I did not promise her hands which are included. Had a lovely afternoon at the Tramway although it was busy due to the 10k race that day.
Two pieces of pie for two wee boys, the Trout and Taragon pie in the flesh so to speak. Was very pleased with my first attempt.
Straight from the oven in the pie dish - doesn't the pastry look scrummy!
And Finally - the fyberspates cropped cardi. The yarn is lovely, but not so great to knit with and it took me four attempts before I was happy. The collar is no more as I didn't like it, casting off in this yarn is not easy as it goes very tight. I love my buttons and they are fixed with buttons behind to keep them secure due to their weight. The bottom button is still giving my problems, but it will stay just now .
Am taking my one-skein wonder seafoam shawl to Flavaknits , its growing slowly but I love the colour and texture of the Colinette Pariesienne.

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Wee Minty said...

Wow! It's lovely. But how did you manage to take that photo?

Pie looks yummy.

ps New Knitting mag has a yarn shopping map for Paris. Thought about you and how it was a shame they hadn't started with NY! You should let them know how you get on.