Monday, 7 May 2007

Sshhh....can you keep a secret ..

Its done, sewn up ,finished etc. etc. - the secret project. Can't publish the photo just now, just in case you know, someone sees before they are meant to, but there WILL be one on Thursday. And I just know they are going to love it.
Have finished the fyberspates cropped cardi - I like it a lot however I think I need to adjust the collar (i.e. remove completely as superfluous), add a little more to the sleeves (sleeves ?? what sleeves) and find a way to affix the ceramic buttons more securely. The buttons look great but they are a little heavy for the yarn, however I wore it to Afternoon Tea at Turnberrys' (a little Christmas gift from parents & Sister). Still, I feel after adjusting it , it will fit and wear much better.
I've also been doing a bit of frogging rippit rippit - enigma sweater from last summer is now about 2 big balls and 3 smaller ones! I plan to use it but I'll be knitting in the round as this is one yarn you do NOT want to be all.
Last Thursday seems a long time ago, but Flavaknits night was great - Kimberley even managed to tear herself away from her Wedding preparations to join us, and Marion and Moira managed to join us again after a short break.
Kimberley knitting her Scottish Tweed Bag
Gale and Karen clicking away .
Val, Marian and Moira concentrating hard .
And the photographer finally gets captured herself! Thats the fyberspates cardi half done.
For those of you who can - take a look at the Glasgow Knit'nStitch website, not long to Thursday now!

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Stitching Time said...

Have been a bit busy and haven't really been on the computer much ... but saw piccy on KnS - it is absolutely wonderful! I'm getting married, can I have one? Only kidding. lol