Sunday, 2 November 2008

Spooky Sunday Knitting

I know its been two days since Halloween, but the Tramwayknits group had a Halloween theme, courtesy of the lovely Alice and her Pumpkin Teapot cosy!
Isn't it gorgeous - Alice is a bit of a whizz with the dye-ing, and I'm sure she mentioned overdye-ing some pale orange with a darker shade , or some such process, to get the achieved look - its fabulous! Look it even doubles as a hat ! And check out Alices' gorgeous Kidsilk Haze sweater - apparently complete strangers stop her to stroke the sweater, the pull of cracksilk haze , eh! (That's Joy admiring the hat/cosy)
Everyone wanted to try on the pumpkin (! we persuaded them !) and here is the lovely Sarah being "styled" by Alice , while Heather tries to avoid being the next person to have a knitted pumpkin stuck on her head!
Doesn't she look lovely! And.... it matches her sweater.
And here is Alice modeling her lovely sweater, seconds before she had her hands on a very obvious part of the sweater , which is why Thea is peeking round in surprise !
The things a digital camera misses , eh! Never mind, here is Thea modeling her lovely supersoft scarf, just right for this time of year.
And here we all are actually knitting, and not modeling , its a pity I never got a picture of Gloria with her extreme crochet hook and her wonderful Tunisian crochet blanket, it looked fabulous and will make a lovely present . That's Gloria between Alice and Fiona, head down , working hard, trying to avoid that dreadful woman and her camera! hehehe!
Finally finished this , it was for another baby, but my cousins partner has just had a wee baby girl, and so it is now for them (it takes me that long to sew up!) Its just perfect for a baby, ........ acrylic, machine washable and tumble-dryable!
Best get the buttons sewn on now!


Twelfthknit said...

Ahh - I do miss my Tramway friends...

Flavaknits said...

We miss you too India!


Kathleen said...

You wee monkey- I know your game! Wield the camera so no-one takes a picture of you with a pumpkin on your head! x K

Flavaknits said...

Got it in one Kathleen! hehehe!
I had a big bunnet on anyway, pumpkin wouldn't have fitted over it.