Friday, 28 November 2008

Parting is such sweet sorrow......

Had a lovely lunch today at the Cafe Continental to wish our good friend Gale Bon Voyage as she heads back to South Africa, after 6 lovely years in Inverclyde, and 3 of those as a member of Flavaknits!
It was just the four of us , who usually meet on a Wednesday morning, having a leisurely time eating and chatting, but very little knitting getting done . We are very sad to see Gale go , but it has been lovely to know her as a friend these last few years. Who knew that a hobby as knitting could bring together people as good friends , we're glad it did!
Won't write much , as my cold has now really kicked in , so I am nursing a Beechams Hot lemon just now - will just leave you with some photo's of todays' lunch.
Although you can't see past these three lovely ladies - the view out the window of the Argyllshire hills with snow, and the little fishing boats with flocks of seagulls following them , do look lovely! (Not as lovely as these three of course - Val, Karen and Gale) . Val has her gorgeous Jaegar Mohair Cardi, and Gale her lovely South African Merino scarf - Karen isn't wearing her scarf in the picture unfortunately - you can see it on her blog, Once a Sheep
If you look closely, you may just see my little silk tank under my pink cardi - finally finished it off, and do you know, it is actually very warm to wear.
The waiter was busy when I took these photos, so I have only three in each, instead of one picture with the four of us!
Watch out South Africa , with Gale back, the knitting craze will really take off!
And Haste ye Back my dear !

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LinnMarit said...

jostein gaarder is indeed norwegian, and i love that was read to us at high school, as an advent thing. i can't remember how it ended though..guess i oughta read it over agaon..i remember i loved it!but for now..back to my knitting!!