Monday, 10 November 2008

Knitting for pleasure

Its starting to get seriously chilly here just now , and the "nights are fair drawing in" as they say in these parts. The wee one DS2 has a "croaky voice" which appeared yesterday, so a day off from Nursery with lots of hot cocoa and lavender baths. It hasn't dented his energy levels that much, and the train set is taking over a large part of the living room!
Have had some lovely knitting sessions, at Flavaknits and Tramwayknits, over the last few days. Also took DS2 to his idea of heaven, the Greenock Model Railway Club annual show on Saturday - lots of other MRC's from different areas take part too , bringing some of their model railway sets. I think the DS2 favourite ones were the Thomas set he got to play with by pressing the controls, and the Lego one that he got a shot of too! Mine was the Narrow Gauge models, set up in the middle of the hall - its much bigger than the usual model railways, the members usually have their sets out in their gardens ! And , of course, there were plenty of Thomas toys to buy!
This time of year is wonderful ! Its cold and so a perfect excuse for knitting up cosy garments to keep warm in and stave off the winter chill . Great way to save on the heating bill too.
Here is my new , recently finished , Noro Kochoran scarf, using only one skein and the ever popular multi-directional pattern. One skein goes a long way, which is good considering the price of it, but it definitely went a lot longer than I thought it would ! One metre and 70 centimetres long, it will help get rid of my cold . Not bad from one skein of 160m . I love the colours in this yarn, and it is very soft and cuddly!
I'm also pressing ahead with the hiker socks, I've decided that they will fit after all, so just to finish number one and get on with number two .
I love the way the colours are coming out - sort of diagonal stripes , and the socks are as squishy as the yarn - squishy is the technical term for the level of softness!
However, just now I'm pressing on with a wee gift for an even smaller friend, hope to have it done by Wednesday! Need to get my finger out (or fingers) to make sure .
Its a Patons pattern using the DB fabulous Cashmerino Baby yarn. Its knitting up a treat . I can't wait to see it finished and keeping that wee person warm.
Now I'm off to make my (in?)famous Winter warmer soup - then have a peek at Ravelry , well the house works almost done !


Krawuggl said...

The Cashmerino Baby yarn is on my list now for such a long time, I only can´t find a pattern I like enough to use (and order) it. I have read a lot of great comments about it and it must be a real pleasure for you to knit with such a soft, lovely yarn.
And what a funny chance, I have just finished a shalw, too, seems winter is really knocking on our doors now.

Once A Sheep said...

How is DS2 today MJ is missing him! The scarf knit up quick and looks so cosy! The socks are coming on great too. Hopefully see you Wednesday.