Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A bit of a Habit!

So , we are almost back to full health , apart from DH's dodgy back! DS2 is fighting tooth and nail NOT to take his anti B's , which means he is most definitely better .
Phew! I hate it when wee ones get raised temperatures and feverishness - blame it on my childhood reading of Victorian childrens' literature !
And talking of reading - a little package arrived today which contained this.....
The first book by the famous knitter/blogger called Panopticon, or Franklin Habit to give him his Sunday name . He visited the Iknit shop in London last Thursday , to do a reading and a signing of his book, unfortunately I couldn't be there in person to see and hear the "reading" .
Fortunately, I ordered a book before he arrived..... and look....a signature from his crafty/arty fingers!
Thank You Gerard and Craig, the lovely owners of Iknit!
And talking of crafty/arty fingers, a few of us gathered for a spinning lesson on Sunday, hosted by my very good friend Karen . Janet, our teacher was very calm and patient, the pupils , however, were ........a bit less calm ! It was a wonderful lesson, but you could hear the cogs in everybody's brain turning over, and occasionally some steam coming out of the ears (lets not mention the words coming out of the mouths , or rather silently from my mouth! - least said soonest mended!)It was a fun day , and thanks to Karen and her family for the fabulous lunch . And all that wonderful fibre - got some to practice on! hehehehe.
Sandy and Ali did very well , as they had not done spinning before at all , and managed to produce very good looking yarn. Kimberley came on leaps and bounds too with her spindle , being younger she is a bit more active and could walk about while spinning
Janet taught Karen and me this technique of spinning straight from the tops without pre-drafting, which I seemed to get , then lost, then get , then lost..... but eventually found I could manage it even with slippy silk - oooohh, that was gorgeous that silk.
And of course I've been busy practising ever since (fingers crossed !) , or rather I've been trying but just never get the time !

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