Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Its Here!

Vogue Knitting Holiday Issue is in my local Keystore! So excited I bypassed the newspapers and forgot to check the American Election result.
Thankfully my good pal India's on the button, so to speak, and when I checked my blog updates she had it there on her blog!
And the BBC have it on their website too! What, who won ? Why Barack Obama of course - any candidate with a wife like Michelle Obama was going to make it into the White House! And if she follows in the steps of another American First Lady, she'll be the first Female President of the USA ! Just my tuppence worth!
No, I'm not waving a little flag here, its my Noro Kochoran which will soon be a multidirectional scarf, its some knitting therapy after my disastrous socks.Its a gorgeous yarn, there was only one skein left in John Lewis on Saturday, so it had to be mine , mine , mine !
Hope it matches my beret.... do you notice my beret has changed shape - finally blocked it on a large dish - gave it a great beret shape, and not, as my sister would say, bunnet shape!
And there are lots of lovely hats to knit in the latest VK..... so many lovely patterns, so little time!
Off to the bakers now to get some Bonfire Night cakes - remember, remember the fifth of November..... Americans certainly will!
Edited: Keystore had 4 more copies of VK this morning, its only £3.75


Once A Sheep said...

Aaargh I forgot to look in the Keystore this morning, I do hope they had more than one copy!!

Your socks were lovely not at all disastrous, they just need a bit of thinking about then you'll be off on your way with them again.

Krawuggl said...

I so much like your beret, looks fantastic and I especially love the one-row-border in this marvellous berry shade.