Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Season of Mellowness

DS2 is still a bit unwell, lots of hankies and calpol , olbas oil and apple juice are at hand to aid recovery . Thankfully DS1 is fit and healthy and his immune system is a little bit stronger, due to being exposed to lots of germs at school!
Its raining outside, and the sky is grey unlike the one above which was taken a wee while ago. I'm not complaining, it means its easier to get into the "zone" for knitting, and all those wee jobs that need done about the house.
It also means I get to start thinking and preparing for Christmas ..... oooohh I said it , the C word!
Yesterday I bought an Advent Calendar for the children - its got Charlie and Lola on it, a favourite of DS2. Soon the Nativity scene and the Advent Calendars will be out, whipping the children into a frenzy of anticipation for Santa Claus/Father Christmas/St Nicholas .
And I'll find I am as unprepared as I was last year . *Sigh*
Time to get back to the knitting!

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Krawuggl said...

Not only children are loving Charlie and Lola - me too, a lot! Until now I have known them only on the internet and it was such a joy when recently I found some of her books translated in German, too. Of course, I´ve bought them and now my little niece will have to love them also, no escape!
Here the weather is also very dark and foggy and today it is even raining. But I love this weather, it´s the best excuse to snuggle up at home and make yourself a cozy day.
Have a lovely weekend,
best wishes, Suzi