Monday, 24 November 2008

What a load of.....

About a year or so ago a good pal sent me en email from a well known networking site, so I sorta joined, and used it occasionally to keep in touch. Then , the other day another pal sent me an email from the same site, so I went back on, and ended up finding other folk I knew,which was nice, and added them to my friends ! So far so good.
Then , following a link to some other page within this site showed me I had some sort of mail, like birthday cards or something (?!), but the actual comment said - (Number) people Hate you, (Number) Have A Crush on you !
Good for them! But why bother telling me via an e-card ?
At that point I lost interest completely , and started looking at blogs, then popped on to Ravelry for a wee check , and oh, what was it I was doing first?????? Whats that funny web page there ???? Ahh Delete!
So, I'll just stick to Ravelry and good old email , that wastes enough of my knitting time without adding to it .
So, back to the knitting!
Isn't it lovely - I want it NOW - its a design from Jenny Watsons' Mini-Knits for Noro , gorgeous!
Oh look, whats this?
Its the back, Knitted over two evenings, I've also finished the two fronts and half a sleeve . Its love.
The yarn, Noro Kochoran, colourway 57 , same as my scarf.
When I saw the yarn in my LYS, and had to have it - used money I had to buy a christmas party dress (who needs them!) to get it , such was my craving! I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend, or if I'm extra fast by Flavaknits night.
Was very jealous of my DH this weekend - he was in London, and his hotel was in Waterloo, near Iknit (which had the Stitch in Time Book event on Saturday). Then he got to attend the Rugby at Twickenham (which I love and he doesn't!). Just as well I have my knitting to console me !

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