Friday, 31 October 2008

Dressing Up!

Its Halloween, time for dressing up - I think my new circle socks are a good colour for Halloween, the colourway is "Sour" and the yarn is Old Maiden Aunt sock yarn. This is wonderful yarn to knit with , the colours are fabulous and it feels great to wear. Karen finished her socks first - different colour but matching patterns!
Jumpers are still in progress - however , have managed to finish one other project - do you like the colours ? remind you of anything ?
Its the oversized beret from he latest DB magazine, although I have used Colinette Iona and Eden Earthly paradise yarns this time. The Colinette is in the Monet colourway, and it is another fabulous yarn to knit with, I just love it! Its not quite as floppy as the hat in the magazine , but I wanted something that wouldn't blow off in the wind. I also reduced the size of the hat missing out one big cable , as I felt I would end up looking like Wee Willie Winkie if it was too long! Bit old for that look now, although as a small child I would dress up as him at Halloween !
Hey! Who's this peeking in? Its DS2 dressed as Wall:E for his Halloween party !
Yikes , watch out Wall:E there is a Cyberman next to you! Its DS1 dressed as a Cyberman (one who doesn't like the helmet). Haven't broken the news to DS1 yet that David Tennant is giving up playing Dr Who next year - wait until its announced in his Dr Who adventures comic , I think!
All that excitement is too much for me - time to settle down with a good book, an old favourite, The House of Arden (no info in Wikipedia about it, not sure why!). I don't think the BBC ever dramatised this book of E Nesbit, unlike the Phoenix and the Carpet and the Railway children. Its sheer escapism, all very early 20th century middle-class England. Its about two children who set out to find the lost fortune of their family before the little boy (the new Lord Arden!) has his tenth birthday , with the help of a magical creature . Its beautifully written and the characters sound like real children, getting up to scrapes and being very cheeky .Oops, looks like its had an effect on DS2......
Time to go - Wall:E has fallen asleep , shhh, look !
Its all that partying at Halloween - All trick and treat - ed out!

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Ah bless! I wish my green witch was so tired!