Friday, 14 November 2008

Frankincense to offer have I.......

Well, not literally - its part of the 3 Kings Christmas Carol!
However Frankincense is a wonderful oil to use , especially at Christmas time, as it helps deepen breathing and provide a meditative state that helps reduce stresses. It has antiseptic and healing properties, and I can't recommend it highly enough!
Especially after a sleepless night, I don't get them very often now, and its a shock to the system when I do .
After a visit to the Doctors this morning we discovered that DS2 has an ear infection - a course of anti B's and Calpol should help, his temp is finally coming down a little, although it is still quite high.
Just now - he is Sleeping in Heavenly peace - which is great , I may join him!
Just a little knitting trivia - my sister lent me her Nigella Christmas Recipe Book - but what is this (Handknitted) item she is wearing ?
And doesn't it look at bit like this pattern from K1yarns
I'm going through the "Thank You page to see who might have given it to her - less stressful than reading the recipe's , those are scary! I'll just stick to the "express" recipes instead .

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