Monday, 3 November 2008

Mondays are for.....

Taking the children to school and Nursery .
Stopping for a coffee and a chat with friends and "regulars", while hearing the Tugs and their foghorns blast up and down the river.
Delivering this small jacket for a very small person !
Going to the supermarket for the weekly groceries.
Picking up DS2 from Nursery, and taking him home and making his lunch .
Putting all the groceries in the fridge/cupboard, then making a fine spicy parsnip soup for my lunch.
Make beef and pumpkin casserole while soup is simmering, put casserole in oven for a long slow cook.
Play Monkey madness with DS2 , find a suitable Thomas the Tank Engine DVD and put on player .
Cleaning the Kitchen including mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom and cloakroom, mopping floors too!
Dusting and vacuuming the carpets and cleaning all the bedrooms.
Sorting the laundry (ironing comes later !)
Sitting down before dinner to have a nice cup of tea and read some blogs (then update my own!)
Admire the view from DS1's room.... foghorns have gone, sun is setting and the scenery look stunning.
The day of a busy and contented housewife.

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tash said...

Ok you've now managed to make me feel totally inadequate! I get maybe half of those things done, but heck that's a lot in one day. The pink jacket is adorable, I love when you see the odd child here and there actually wearing handknitted items as it shows they're made with love, and they look so good too. I was always wearing knitted Thomas the Tank jumpers when I was a girl (I was a tomboy at 3), and add in my cute little blue cordrouy dungarees, I was the cutest little (un-girly) thing around.

You're so lucky to have those views around you, I remember that area well from our holidays, I guess you must live in one of those beautiful town houses that line the streets - we commented at the time how beautiful those were!

Sorry it's been such a long time, am endeavouring to do better!