Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Well, I was feeling very smart after finishing several knitted items, and I fancied a new pair of socks, so , I pulled out some Artesano Hummingbird yarn that had been relagated to the stash bucket, and started Hiker Socks from One Skein Wonders.
I'll fit this in between knitting my Noro sweater, I thought. Then as I turned the heel, I tried it on (as I usually do at this point), and it felt tight!
Checked tension, checked measurements, hmmmm, appear to be right, so why is it tight . Perhaps its just the cast on, I can sort that, oh, its tight on the heel too, mmmmmm. Thinking......
More thought bubbles - should I continue...... should I frog......or should I stop right where I'm at and just start another bigger sock ? Thinking again.........
I know , I'll just get on with my Noro sweater, now let me measure the finished back, hhmmmmm, not as long (or wide) as I originally thought ! More thinking ......
..... Should I frog or just get on with the front, make it longer, and embrace the fitted look! *Sigh*
I think I'll just go back to reading my knitting magazine, and have some chocolate!

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