Monday, 1 December 2008

Cold and Crisp and Even......

Well the macaroni cheese is cooling down just now, the kids are complaining every two minutes they are hungry, so fingers crossed they will actually EAT their dinner!
The rest of the house looks like a disaster area, and at present so does my face - big red nose, sore lips, red watery eyes.... lovely, the first cold of the season! And guess what, it really is cold outside...look!
Even the sky looks frosty!
I am on the sewing up of my cropped Noro cardi - hurray, although I don't really enjoy sewing, I just love this yarn so much that I don't mind just now .
Will need to start the small knitted Christmas gifts for the Knitting groups secret Santa's soon. The Calendar is filling up with Nativity practices and plays, School Christmas services, Church services, parties, Carol Concerts and to add to the excitement the first doors on these were opened today .
DS1 has the Nativity Advent Calendar on the left , DS2 has the Charlie and Lola Advent Calendar on the right . The Nativity Advent Calendar is quite clever, each door , once opened, is a speech bubble telling the Christmas story - DS2 wanted to swap his Charlie and Lola Advent Calendar for his brothers, he was so impressed!
And tonight DS1 will start Jostein Gaarders' " A Christmas Mystery" for his bedtime story. There is a chapter for each day of Advent, and the story ? You'd better read it for yourself , its a wonderful start for the Christmas season!

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LinnMarit said...

oh, didn't even think that a charlie and lola calendar princess has a barbie one..! and me..i have a crafty one;)

need to get that jostein gaarder book..but that reminded me. i have a story i am going to read for my princess starting tonight!