Friday, 1 June 2007

Here comes the Sun

Well it took its time, but finally, about 6pm this evening the sun came out - my two were paddling about after dinner in a new paddling pool. We had spent a lovely afternoon over at Lomond shores, toys were bought from Jenners, and much fun was had at the Playground. Didn't see many ducks today, perhaps next time.
Had a lovely evening at Flavaknits last night - we were trying to assist Evelyn with her lovely aran sweater which is.... ten years old. All would have been well if there had been enough yarn to finish it, or if she could have got an exact match - unfortunately she didn't ! I think the contrasting colour was the preferred solutionin the end!
Kimberley and Lewis were back from their Honeymoon, along with some photo's, and CAKE! They had a lovely time, and the photos showed it. And not a pirate in sight! Gale had finished one of her winter sweaters, and is almost done on her mohair. The first sweater had some lovely knitted flowers around the base of the neck - she hadn't been too happy when picking up the stitches for the neck, and redid it 17 TIMES! Thats prefectionism . I wish I had got a photo as it looked wonderful (n.b. to myself, must try and pick up MY mohair sweater again!)
Thank you all for your lovely comments on my postings about my trip - it seems like ages ago now, and I must say, NY is a keeper - will definitely be going back - but it is lovely to come home - here are some pictures of my pals street!
Nan has sent out her monthly Newsletter - still can't get into it. Tried and was successful last month, but have forgotten what I did to open it.Oh, well , maybe get a copy at the next Tramway Knits - best get on with the ironing now (by -product of a sunny evening, dry washing!)


Wee Minty said...

Er .. pirates?

Street looks lovely - reminds me of Beacon Hill in Boston, where I stayed when I visited there. Not what you think when you think of American cities.

But people. Did you scare them away with your long, pointy sticks? lol

Wee Minty said...

Don't know if you've done it before, but I have just done it and now you are het.

8 things about you please. Blame heather.