Saturday, 16 June 2007

Back to wool!

So, the weather remains miserable, and not only am I wearing woolen socks and jumper, I'm trying to finish my cushion cover - What ? where's the 4-ply ? Its still there, and hopefully when the weather improves, I will get back to it, but just now I need something warm and cozee!
Now tomorrow is Fathers Day, so the Father in this house decided he needed a new golf club, and could that be his gift, thank you very much. So off we go, en famille , to American Golf shop, to choose such an item. Junior and JJ have a shot of some putters in the little putting area, except they think the clubs are really whackers, and attempt to whack! After all, they've just seen Daddy do it in the whacking area (you can tell I'm up on the jargon , right?)
But the clubs are on a BOGOHP offer (thats buy one get one half price for those who do not visit large supermarkets!), so we end up with TWO clubs . TWO clubs, for FATHERS DAY (did he give birth??) I have ammunition for next Mothers Day (and a visit to SEVERAL Yarn Stores!)
Saturday is Dr Who day in our house, from about 4pm , every 10 minutes its " is it nearly time for Dr Who " . Tonight Captain Jack Harness is back, the best looking Gay bloke since Rock Hudson (and Franklin Habit, of course!). And the piece de resistance was Derek Jacobi (as the Master, an evil Time Lord), regenerating into John Simm (Life on Mars), the last two episodes are going to be GOOD!
I should get out more on a Saturday Night - but that would be missing knitting time!

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